Questions about Writing

I hear from many fans of Starters that the book has inspired them to write as well. That’s wonderful and I am flattered. Or maybe you’ve always known you’ve wanted to write and you found your way to my web page. Whatever the case I both congratulate you and also want to give you a sympathy hug because every  writer knows it is not always an easy journey.

Please understand I can’t respond personally to every request I get for writing advice or I’d never have time to write the books you want to read. But I try to answer general questions about writing on this site and especially on Tumblr Please read the last part of my faq under For Readers before asking a question.

My lawyers won’t let me read anything you’ve written, even your story pitch. I recommend taking a class. They are everywhere — at your school, extension at the local college, conferences, online critique groups, in-person critique groups, private tutors. I did all of the above before I was published. There are many writing teachers out there who want to read your work. You are only cheating yourself by not considering this. You will improve and make friends who understand the creative process and be by your side throughout the journey.

Check out this link, thanks to author Victoria Strauss who is behind Writer Beware, is a must for writers – Writer Beware.

There’s a wealth of information on the Writers Digest site. 

If you google, you will find more free advice to new writers. The bottom line is that there are no shortcuts. If you want to write, you have to agree to be willing to learn. Don’t feel discouraged because you don’t know anyone in the business — most of us didn’t either. Publishing is rather democratic that way. You have to do the work yourself – word by word, sentence by sentence, page by page. Some days, it will feel easy; other days, it’s a torture. But it’s always a privilege to be able to write. If you keep at it, and listen to your instructors and your crit partners, you will improve. Enjoy the process and celebrate every little victory. Wishing you many happy writing days.