Enders Launch at Vroman’s

Enders was officially released in the US on Jan 7, 2014! This was a long wait for both the readers and me and we had a good old time at Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena.

When I first got there early, I was going to tell Connie, the wonderful community relations manager, that she had too many chairs out. But she was right. I was stunned to see even more people for this launch of the 2nd book.


Part of the signing line.


The front of the signing line.


Almost the end…

vromansbacklineThe end of the line. But wait – let’s not start at the end.

So, I spoke about the Starters journey and mostly about Enders. I took some questions. But the highlight of the night was having two wonderful teen actors do a reading from the book.


The scene started in a car…


…then moved to inside.


The guy’s character cannot handle being touched, but he takes over someone else’s body so he can. I’m not telling you too much because I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t read Enders yet (and why not?)


And they touch. Ah. (read Enders if you want to know more)


Picture time – my wonderful actors, Connie and Brandon.


A friend and a fan.


So happy to see my buddy, Marie Lu, the author of the fantastic Legend series which I loved and championed from day one! Other YA authors were there, you can see many in the earlier photos, and I gave away copies of their books as prizes to lucky audience members.


Okay, so then I signed books (flowers there courtesy of a friend who was in Sedona)signelportal

And it was time to party! Everyone was invited to this restaurant across the street where we had a private room…


My actor and his family, some Vroman’s presence. Mrs. Nelson’s Bookstore crew was invited to come and have a farewell party as their store just closed. It was great to see them.


My wonderful writing buds and spouses and my trainer.


I heard it was a good buffet: shrimp, smoked salmon, crab cakes, enchiladas, quesadillas, chili relleno, cheeses, bread and crackers, chips and guac, and margaritas to swim in.


Barely visible, siting at the table to the left is my friend Michael who Michael is named after in the book. He’s responsible for finding me the drama coach and her two actors.


I hope you found yourself somewhere in one of the photos – or send me yours.


Everyone stayed to shut the restaurant down, it was fantastic. Thanks to Vroman’s and each and every person who came to the launch to make it such a success!



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