My European Book Tour

Today I leave for my European book tour. This started when one of my foreign publishers asked if I would tour there. It might have been Greece that started this discussion (which later had to drop out due to demonstrations). Then other countries asked and I suggested that my foreign rights agent, Heather, let the other publishers know so they could do it together. Coordinating this was a major effort because some countries had festivals in March, others in May and my agent made the final decisions, shaping the itinerary. So to the fans in some of the countries that I did not visit this trip, I hope to see you next time.

So I head to  Spain first, then on to Lisbon, Portugal where I’ll be May 13- May 16. Next is Italy for the Turin Book Festival where I’ll be speaking Friday at 2:30pm. Then I fly to Istanbul, Turkey where I will have events. I don’t have all the details and times of the events in all the countries, so please keep an eye here or on my Facebook page or twitter feed.

I will try to show you pictures of the trip. I’ll be writing, working on the new, secret project as I travel. You’ll understand if my responses to email slow down considerably, and I’m going to put a hold on all reader book questions for May.

If you live in any of these cities, I hope to meet you soon!



  1. Thats awesome! Sounds like fun, wish I could be there! Does the ‘secret project’ have any thing to do with Enders? 🙂

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