Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer and Clint Eastwood – what a week!

Halloween night my guy and I went to see Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. It was the first of their new show, although my husband had seen a mini-version of it at Kevin’s Smith’s podcast taping.

I was a fan of Neil’s but now — and after seeing Amanda’s recent San Diego show — I’m also a fan of hers. She’s incredible.

There was a costume contest first. I see a woman who looks like Margaret Cho come to our aisle and ask us to get the attention of the rabbits. She was Margaret Cho and the judge for the contest. We were delighted that these guys won!

Neil read some of his stories, one I love about a landlady I’d heard in Montreal. A good story is always good, even on the second reading and Neil is one of the best readers around.  He also proved to be a pretty good singer (“Joan of Arc”)! At one point they answered questions on cards from the audience. It was a great way to spend Halloween. I passed sister Apocalypsie Leigh Bardugo in her stunning helm and didn’t recognize her. She was with the beautiful redhead Gretchen McNeil, another Apocalypsie, dressed as a Mad Men gal.

That was Monday night. On Tuesday night we saw Clint Eastwood at the DGA. He showed J. EDGAR, the film he directed with Leonardo DiCaprio. After a slow start, the film takes off once we see the relationship he had with his longtime companion and co-worker. By the end, I was tearing up.

Kathryn Bigelow interviewed Clint in another one of these easy, as-if-you-were-in-his-living-room kind of Q and As. The amazing thing was how he shot this in 37 days (even with heavy makeup times for the actors as it takes place in two time periods). I would not be surprised to see Oscar noms of Leonardo and for Armie Hammer (the twins in SOCIAL NETWORK). Hammer gives a charismatic, subtle performance, especially in the early years.

Camera phones were not allowed in the theater since the film is not out yet, so no photo. We were even wanded before entering.

Even with these nights out, I am hard at work the rest of the time. I have one secret little project that is part of my Random House contract, another larger secret project that is partway done and then there is book 2 of the STARTERS series.

Pass that vitamin bottle!


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