Perks of Being A Wallflower

For the first time since the summer of 2011, I feel relaxed. It’s not a vacation break, which is when you go away somewhere and it has nothing to do with work. But it is at least “I can read the newspaper” kind of break. I remember taking one or two days off to clear my head a few months ago, but it still was with this chorus of voices in my head saying, “Shouldn’t you be writing?” My time has been orchestrated down to the hour for so long that it is a real luxury to not feel guilty for going out to a concert for a couple of hours.

But I still have plenty to do. I am writing the last e-short set in the world of STARTERS, called “Portrait of a  Middle” and will be told from Callie’s mom’s point of view, the last day before she becomes infected with the spores. I’m also exploring new ideas for the next series. And there is a lot of normal life that needs to be attended to when you let it go for over a year.

Tonight we went to a private screening of “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and the director Stephen Chbosky  was interviewed by Chris Weitz (director of Golden Compass) after the film. He is also the screenwriter and the author of the book, so it was interesting hearing him speak about how he had to throw out some subplots of the book (which I haven’t read yet – it is an  epistolary novel).  I liked the casting (especially Emma Watson) and there were some touching moments.

He wrote that book back in 1999, early for such edgy issues, and was banned from some libraries at the start. Now, he says, it is in all libraries.



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