STARTERS in two magazines

I’m home from my first national tour, which was incredible. For the next 9 days, I will be intensely finishing up my draft of ENDERS to give to my editor. So I won’t be posting tour photos for a while.  But I wanted you all to see that STARTERS showed up in two magazines.

I admit, I wasn’t aware of this magazine that a friend of mine subscribes to. But it turns out to be quite known, especially among CEOs who have little time to read several magazines. I’m thrilled that this writer takes the LA Times review but adds his own raves.


At the other end of the spectrum, Justine Magazine is clearly for teen girls. It has a large subscription readership and I found it at B&N when I was signing stock. My friend Veronica Rossi’s book is also featured here, which tickled me.

My publisher has me doing another Random Buzzers Q & A this week with the wonderful, established authors Carrie Ryan and James Dashner. Stop by if there is a question you’re dying to ask me about STARTERS or writing.

And if you loved STARTERS, please give it a review (can be short) on Amazon and B&N and Chapters (which only has three)   Thanks so much for the support!



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