The absolute final cover for STARTERS by Lissa Price here


This is the final cover for STARTERS in North America. The tagline has been changed and although I came up with the old one, I really prefer this one.  It’s stronger.

AND — now you see the jacket as it is being printed, with a wonderful blurb from the bestselling author of the Beautiful Creatures series, Kami Garcia. Thank you so much, Kami!




  1. I’m a Random House worker bee (hi!) and I just had to comment on how excited I am about the Starters release. I may be biased, but I have to agree that the final cover is indeed gorgeous.

  2. Hi Linda! I just love everyone at Random House and feel very grateful I landed there. So glad you stopped by and left me a note. I just got the cover flat. I wrapped it around a book (Mockingjay) so I can stare and go ooh and ahh.

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