To get a signed copy of Starters

Readers have been asking me how to get a signed copy of Starters. Once Upon a Time is my official bookstore, an independent that is the closest store to me. I will drive there to inscribe a book personally to you and they will ship.

Their number is 818 248 9668 and they are wonderful people. They will also arrange for overseas shipping if you need it. There are many great bookstores in Southern Calif – I love all of them, indies and B&N alike and even the online ones. We need all of them to survive and of course the small indies have a special place in my heart. Some local stores that have signed books left are Once Upon a Time, Vroman’s in Pasadena, Flintridge Books. Stores that may have signed copies, not positive, are Mrs. Nelson’s, Barnes & Noble Americana and The Grove, and Mysterious Galaxy, Redondo Beach.


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  1. I have been able to contact both winners from my recent contests. One is in Greece! There is still the Teenreads contest, scroll down to do that one.

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