Here is a sampling of some of the covers by my foreign publishers. STARTERS was published in over thirty countries.

Brazilian Cover

Chinese Cover

Czech Cover

Dutch Cover

French Cover

German Cover

Greek Cover

Hungarian Cover

Indonesian Cover

Italian Hardback Cover

Italian Paperback Cover

Japanese Cover
Starters - Japanese Cover

Korean Cover

Polish Cover

Portuguese Cover

Romanian Cover
photo (1)

Slovak Cover

Spain Cover

Taiwan Cover

Thai Cover

Turkey Cover

UK Cover

UK PB Cover



  1. OMFG! Love the Korean cover! I just might learn Korean to read this!

  2. Three more covers will be uploaded today or tomorrow. The publisher will send us their photo of the Korean inner cover which will allow you to see the whimsical details.

    1. Its amazing!
      When I finished reading, I felt like something very special and dear was lost.
      I am sure that I will read it over and over again.

      1. You know, I really love it when readers tell me this. Thank you. (you did read Enders, right?)

  3. The Dutch cover is so cool. I still think the USA one is the best, though.

    1. The Dutch one is great! I’m reading it, and some of the words aren’t translated that well…
      I still love it.
      I started reading yesterday, haven’t been able to lay it down!

      1. Hmm, interesting about the word choices. If you have any examples, would be happy to learn.

  4. Love the Dutch, Hungarian, and UK PB. covers. Such pretty different versions.

  5. All of them r awsome!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love our American cover, but the German one definitely stood out to me. I think Germany’s got the coolest looking one!

    1. I love all the covers, but I like a little more information than that one gives. 🙂

      1. That’s very true 🙂 I guess I liked it because it leaves us to wonder about what’s inside.

  7. I love the UK PB , German & the Korean Covers the best.I own the UK PB it great

  8. The German and the UK PB covers ROCK!

  9. The german cover is nice ( im from germany :D)
    but i think korean is the best one !

  10. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE the COVERS. LOVE the US Cover, which is what drew me to the book. The Korean covers are also pretty darn cool. But??? I always wonder how that happens? How is it that some places can choose to use the original cover and others design their own?

    1. So my foreign agent sold off the rights to each territory. Each publisher in these different countries can decide whether to use the North American cover artwork as the basis for their cover, or substitute a new cover of their own. They know their audience, so they might decide to change it to appeal to local tastes. I love seeing the differences. I am excited about seeing the Japanese one.

  11. I love all the covers, but the Korean and the US ones are my favorite. Oh and i got my copy at my favorite book store, Once Upon a Time. I loved all the covers and think it was cool that different countries have different covers!!!!

    1. Ah, another Once Upon A Time (Montrose, Ca) fan! Love that place! They are having big sales now, but maybe you already know that.

      1. Love it!!! Can’t wait for Enders!!!!!!!

  12. I’m so happy the book took off. I was so happy to read Starters and I can’t wait for Enders!!

  13. If this ever becomes a movie, you should definitely consider having Chloe Grace Moretz play Callie. She would be perfect for the role, and looks alot like the girl on the cover!

  14. The Turkey cover is my favorite. My teacher has bought this book for my birthday and i have finished Baslayanlar ( starters ) in teo days and this is the best book i have ever read.. Thank you so much lissa 🙂 greetings from Turkey. I love you *:)

  15. I’m suspicious but Hell I love Portuguese cover *.* It’s so beautiful and different!

  16. Can anyone give me more info about the book enders? I really want to know when its coming out IN THE UK and i really want to read the blurb or an extract!!

  17. i have just finished the American version and it is amazing. Has the second book enders came out in Australia?! x

    1. Thanks so much! The sequel, ENDERS, has not come out in Australia yet. Watch this site or follow me on Twitter or FB for more info. Great reviews/rating always appreciated on Amazon and Goodreads. 🙂

  18. *the german and korean cover is awesome! I can’t wait for Enders! hope it will release here in philippine’s this 2013.

    1. Take a look at the US Enders cover at here.
      Leave a comment as I will run another contest picking a winner from the comments.

  19. It would be amazing if this book was made into a movie!!! Btw I can’t wait for Enders! We’re loving this book here in dublin ;D

    1. I love hearing that! I had a trip planned for Ireland a few years ago, but it didn’t happen. Someday! Write me at my email on this site and I’ll email you back.

  20. I love this book! I have the UK PB cover. Very eye-catching! I am doing a project on this book. One of the most amazing books ever. When is Enders coming out? These were so good that I couldn’t put them down!

      1. Hey,
        For my project, I have to know the theme from Callies point of view. What do you think it is? Thanks!

        1. Teachers have asked me not to do homework for students. 🙂 You might try googling or discussing on GoodReads.

  21. Hi Lissa! I really loved your books. Enders is as beautiful as Starters and I read them both in a day. I couldn’t stop! I live in the Netherlands and I read them in Dutch. The covers are awesome, especially the Dutch ones.
    I’m working on improving my English so it’s not so great now. I’m sorry for the mistakes.
    Keep writing because you’re great at writing books!

    1. I appreciate hearing this so much. Your English had no mistakes — it was perfect here! Thank you for writing.

  22. Hi!

    I borrowed this book from a friend, I saw it on her nightstand and was immediately interested. I literally couldn’t put it down! I borrowed the Dutch version from her, and I loved the cover. I saw Enders lying on a bookshelve in the bookstore yesterday, and was surprised. I’d been looking for it, but I didn’t expect it to be released in the Netherlands first. I think I’m gonna have to go buy it, although I would prefer to read it in English. I just don’t think I can wait that long 🙂
    But anyway, thanks for writing such an amazing and inspirational book. I’m going to write a school paper on it soon, and I’ll have to give my opninion on it. Well, I loved this book, and I think you’re an amzing writer. I can’t wait to read Enders!

    Thanks and greetings from the Netherlands

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, you are lucky to live in the Netherlands, for many reasons. I’m going to put a form on my site so readers can email me directly.

  23. I think some publisher are careless (to be more polite). They din’t check the description in the book. Like why would the girl on the Taiwanese version be a redhead?

    1. No, this is the thing — I purposely did not name Callie’s hair color because I wanted the reader to imagine her the way they wanted to. So the publisher has the option to assign her hair color if they’re going to show a picture of her. Portugal and Taiwan chose red and it’s pretty, I like it. The book trailer has a brunette.

        1. So, which is it? 🙂 I purposely don’t name it so the reader can fill that in for themselves. When I quiz a class, we always get the blonds saying she has blond hair and the brunettes saying she has brunette hair.

          On the Taiwanese and Portuguese covers, she has red hair!

  24. Ahahah Eu não gostei da capa portuguesa MESMO!

    Thank you, Lissa, for the writer’s tips. It’s good to know how to proceed, even if it still just a dream. It gets closer to reality when you know how would be if it’s real.

    About that trailer… It was a so good production I trusted it was official and I elevated my criticism level to the highest. I’m waiting for the movie to come.
    And… about the short stories… They could make a movie’s spin off, and you can get a TV series too.

    Yes, I would like to read more of those Portraits. 😉

    Thank you for your job.

    1. Yes, the Random House trailer is 30 sec long since it was shown in the movie theaters. It is just right. A few of my publishers in other countries also made nice trailers – Germany and others. But everything else is unauthorized student or fan trailers/shorts.

    1. That is pretty cool. Thank you!

  25. Lissa… WOW!!!!!
    acabei de ler Enders…
    3 dias foram o suficiente para mim…
    Isso podia ser um filme.
    Espero que as sua idéias não acabem nunca.
    Desejo toda a criatividade do mundo… beijos
    Vanessa Maria do Brazil.

    1. Lissa … WOW !!!!!
      I just read Enders …
      3 days were enough for me …
      That could be a movie.
      I hope that your ideas do not end ever.
      I wish all the creativity of the world … kisses
      Vanessa Maria of Brazil .

      Thank you, Vanessa Maria! I hope to visit Brazil someday.

  26. The German, Korean and Tai covers are the best!
    Wish I could speak Korean so I could read this amazing book again!

    1. Those covers are so cool. 🙂

  27. Love all the cover. For Starters I bought the Indonesian version and guess what? The cover is different from this web. It’s much more nicer and that’s what captivated me the most. I wish I can show it to you

    1. Why don’t you email me via this site and send me a photo?

  28. Adorei ler Starters, o livro me prendeu do começo ao fim, virei a noite lendo ele e me surpreendi a cada página. Agora estou lendo Enders, essa caixinha surpresas maravilhosa.

    1. Author

      Adoro saber o quanto você gostou de Starters and Enders, isso deixa meu coração feliz. Cadastre-se no meu boletim informativo para ser o primeiro a saber as novidades dos meus novos livros. Obrigada!

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