Lissa has been doing school and library visits for the last eight years for middle grade and high schools, both here and abroad, and has also given several keynotes as well as workshops. Her presentations have excited and inspired students to read and also to write. The Starters series appeals to both girls and boys, 12 and up, and in addition to being an international bestseller, was a YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers.

IMG_1610Lissa Price’s Starters and Enders add a new twist to dystopian fiction that engages YA readers; the suspense and depth of thought in the books makes them hard to put down!  In person, Lissa connects with a young adult audience and a range of students from middle school to high school with her outgoing personality, ability to relate to younger readers and aspiring writers, and her genuine kindness when exploring and answering student questions. She was an inspiration to our students and faculty alike; you will be lucky to have her in your school-

Meg Parry
Director Library Services MSMC
International School Manila

PowerPoint presentation: The Road to Publication and Beyond – 40 minutes to one hour, beginning with a PP discussing the concept behind the Starters series, how it was published and became an international bestseller. Slides of foreign covers as well as the book tour at schools and festivals in Turkey, Italy, Portugal, France and the Philippines broaden students’ perception of the world. She discusses the theme of not judging people by their appearance and covers the writing process, importance of rewriting, perseverance,  pursuing your dreams and diversity (Lissa is a diverse author). Includes Q&A and also signing and photos if desired. For Middle Grade/High School. Appropriate for large groups in auditoriums and gymnasiums, as well as classrooms or the library if a/v equipment is available.

Middle School Visit

Writing workshop Do You Want To Write?  A fifty minute interactive presentation that can include Q&A, readings, exercises, advice, with the goal to encourage students, help them to tap into their creativity and experiment with world and character building. Best as an addition to the presentation above, and with classroom-sized groups.

workshop hands

Curriculum connections: The future, science of the brain, fairy tales, bullying, siblings, diversity, structure in writing, revising, short stories, how to get published even if you’re a teen, the variety of YA trends.

These programs can be modified to suit the school’s needs.


Fees: please contact Lissa via this page. For suggestions on sources of funding outside of the school’s budget, see this site, or this one for great ideas.

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. My students and I thoroughly enjoyed your visit. You gave many of my students an unforgettable experience of meeting an author for the first time. I thought your PowerPoint presentation was well-prepared with amazing visuals. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to visit our school library and making our students feel special. 

Kim Leng
Teacher Librarian
Mendez High School

NEW – Lissa is now doing virtual sessions. 

Lissa’s Skype presentation with our 8th graders gave them such a unique opportunity to speak with a real author after reading Starters in each of their classes. She provided them with a great explanation of the life of a writer and the process of writing. When it came time for Q&A, the students were excited to speak with her and delighted by her kindness and personal touches to the conversation.– Jenn Risser, Teacher, Martin Meylin Middle School, Lampeter, PA

Lissa lives in Southern Calif and travels for school visits, keynotes and some panels. Areas of special interest are Hawaii and New York in the US; London and Sheffield in the UK; and Nova Scotia in Canada. Depending on the time of year, there may be minimal transportation costs if you are located in those areas. She also teaches workshops as part of the La Jolla Writers Workshop in October. If you’re interested in setting up your own private workshop at any time of the year, or attending one, email her.

One year since Lissa Price came to my school to discuss her publishing journey and her most original series Starters, my students are still talking about teen heroes Callie and Michael and wondering what Price will come up with next.  Her visual presentation and promotional goodies, along with an engaging Q & A session, not only educated but also entertained my students. —Tammie Celi, Teacher Librarian, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

They were so focused, you couldn’t hear a pin drop in the room. They were really taken with her presentation and inspired, and asked so many interesting and intelligent questions. I’m thrilled to have had her here.  —Jennette Neville, High Point Academy, Upper Middle-Grade

 Lissa Price – School Visits Video


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