I offer services for a select number of writers who want help at any level, from beginners needing query letter assistance and advice on how to secure an agent, to more advanced writers seeking coaching or advice regarding touring, social media, project choice. 

Lissa is the fairy godmother of writing a winning synopsis.  She waves her magic wand and turns your flat prose to life, adding the emotional pull necessary to compel an editor to want to read your novel. – Ann Whitford Paul, Award-winning author of If Animals Kissed Goodnight

If you have your first book coming out, you only have this one chance to successfully launch your debut. I have years of experience coaching authors from beginners to New York Times bestsellers.

Queries are a challenge to write. How do you sound unique but not blab too much? Be businesslike but interesting? Pitch yourself and your manuscript in a concise and intriguing way? Lissa’s experience and personal attention were invaluable to creating a query that stood out from the crowd. – Lisze Bechtold, Award-winning children’s book author, illustrator and animator.  

Lissa is a natural mentor with, not only the knowledge and experience, but also the passion to help writers of all levels. She brings an innovative approach to established writing techniques, framing her expertise around what her students need and want – not just what she wants to share. Whether it’s coming up with a high concept idea, developing believable and compelling characters, or querying an agent, Lissa provides a unique perspective in an accessible way so no writing task is too daunting to accomplish!  – Melissa Bloom, student

“Many authors have a natural-born talent for cultivating stories. Some of those have a trained sense for what works and what doesn’t, developed from spending years on their craft. But still fewer have multiple well-read publications and many years working in the writing business to show for it. Lissa has all these things, plus the patient wisdom of a best friend. Like any good mentor-guide from the Hero’s Journey, she puts the needs of her students before her own and revels in their success. If you have talent, she will help you harness it.” – Kevin Stahl, student

Lissa is a word surgeon. I’ve had the honor of watching her diagnose, dissect, and cure my writing of ailments I never noticed. She will walk you through each page with a gentle candor that teaches you what to fix and what makes your writing tick. By the end of my session, Lissa changed the way I see prose–and the way I view myself as a writer as well. – Anthony Sementilli, student

Flat fees or hourly starting at $45 per half hour. Check out my workshops to see ways I’ve been helping writers. Let me know what your needs are by emailing me here so we can discuss how I might help you.