For students, bloggers, and writers:

I really appreciate good reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, even if short. If you liked STARTERS, please “like” the best good reviews on GR and Amazon too. Thank you so much for the support!

Please do not give away any spoilers.

1. What are the e-shorts and what order should I read them?

“Portrait of a Starter” and “Portrait of a Marshal,” are shorts set in the world of Starters (note the first one is 16 pages, the second one 35 pages) and the last one, “Portrait of a Donor.” They are available in all e-versions, even on a computer in case you don’t have an e-reader. The paperback of Starters (blue photo) has an exclusive short story called “Portrait of a Spore,” that is currently only available in print.

You can read them in any order, but the ideal would be 1) Portrait of a Starter 2) Starters 3) Portrait of a Marshal 4) Portrait of a Spore 5) Portrait of a Donor 7) Enders. 

2. How is it that the spores could have killed people exactly at ages 20-60?

This is a mis-quote. In the book the vaccine that protected people from the spores was given to the most vulnerable of the population, those under 20 and those over 60. Something like this actually happened in the US during a shortage of the flu vaccine.

Please note it is NOT a virus!  🙂

3. Why didn’t you mention Callie’s hair color?

Sometimes the author chooses not to specify the main character’s hair color or eye color. The reason is to let the reader fill that in for themselves, so they can identify with the main character.

4. I wanted to know more about Michael.

You will see him in book two. And “Portrait of a Starter,” is a prequel told entirely from Michael’s POV.

5. I wanted to know more about the Spore Wars.

You can learn more about the Spore Wars in “Portrait of a Spore,” in the paperback of Starters.

6. How do you pronounce “Hyden?”

HI-den, like the 18th century composer, Papa Haydn.

7. How can I get published?

Read a lot, write a lot, and be patient with yourself. Take classes, go to conferences, and keep an open mind. Find a local writing group and make new friends.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else – your journey is going to be special to you. Best of luck!



  1. Bonjour,

    My friends sent me the trailer book from France.. I’m in Monteal, Canada and I only have the english version here 🙁 Do you know when we’re going to get the French version in Canada? Can’t wait reading your book!!!!


    1. I know that Robert Lafont (sp?) published it in French. Ask your bookseller or tweet him online. Maybe find their website? Or can it be ordered via the french amazon site?

  2. Hi Ms. Price, I’ve just finished reading Starter, sat on reading for 2 days. I could not take my eyes off the pages each time I turned to the next. I hope the sequel to this book will be out soon. I so much anticipate what will happen next to Callie. Anyways, I wish you more success to come! 🙂

  3. is there going to be a movie on the book, Starters?

  4. Thank you so much, Krieshna! I am working on the sequel, ENDERS, right now. It is due out this December, which is pretty fast for a sequel.

    Everyone, I am going to shut down comments on this FAQ page so please put any comments on the main blog thread, okay? Thanks!

    1. Enders is coming out in December?!!!! darn :/

      1. It depends on which country you’re talking about. I don’t have exact dates, but I believe it will come out in some European countries this spring.

  5. And no spoilers here or elsewhere, please! If you’ve read the book, please don’t give away anything, what happens in the ending, etc. People have been really good about that, so let’s keep it up.

  6. I got The Starters the other day and could not stop reading! I wish professors would assign awesome books like this! It was so entertaining and thrilling! I cannot wait for the second one! Thanks to Lissa Price for writing such an amazing novel!

  7. Hi
    I’m from iceland and i absolutely love your book.
    I read it on english because the translater aren’t that good here.
    Can’t wait for ENDERS 🙂
    I think there should be made movies ‘STARTERS and then ENDERS’ js c:

  8. Bought this book out of a whim and mainly just coz I liked the cover…=)
    I’m glad I did. I enjoyed very much and I am looking forward to reading the ENDERS.

  9. Mrs. Lissa Price,
    I wanted to start by telling you that your book Starters blew me away! I picked it up at an airport in Houston, TX because the cover intrigued my interest with end of the world literature and the aftermath. I finished the book 10 minuets before landing in San Diego, CA. It kept me on the edge of my set, I was so caught up in the plot that more than a few people asked me what book I was reading because of my various facial expressions. It was an amazing book with jaw dropping moments all through out. That being said I would definitely recommend it to anyone, but not because it is a Hunger Games (which I love) successor but, because it itself falls under great post-apocalyptic books. It is great because of your style of writing and your creativity, not how it compares to someone else. I wait for Enders with anticipation; counting the days until December 4th (11th?).

    1. It’s mail like this that I get daily that inspires me to sit indoors and write all day, even when it’s 80 degrees outside. Thank you so much for this. It looks like my publisher is shooting for a Dec 11 release date. You might be interested in the e-shorts – “Portrait of a Starter” is available now (go through one of the links to the right). I’m signing this Saturday up in LA (see ‘events’ page). I also will be signing at ComicCon San Diego and I will be planning a signing at Mysterious Galaxy, SD, sometime in the summer. Hope to meet you in person!

  10. I’m obsessed with Starters & can’t wait for Enders, but I’m curious. Would you want Starters to become a movie or would you just keep it as a book series?

    1. We’ve been talking to some wonderful film producers and I can’t wait to be at that place where we can make an announcement. STARTERS will be a film and the key is making it a really good film.

      1. just please take the time,i don’t want to see it ruined like twilight


        1. Anyone who is obsessed with the book should email me. Seriously.

          1. I am absolutely obsessed and I was wondering if the book was still becoming a movie

          2. Author

            Thank you! There are no updates. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you’ll get any news in your mailbox (it only goes out once a year unless there is breaking news).

  11. hi, i read your book and i liked it very much!! the mood of the story reminded me of the hunger games its all very exiting
    have you decided how many books total you will have in the starters and enders series without including the extra books?

    1. Hi, and thanks for stopping by. The series was sold as a two book series, a duology. So ENDERS brings it all to a conclusion. However things have been happening on the film front and we hope to be able to make an announcement late Sept. I am working on the rewrite of ENDERS right now. If you haven’t yet, please give it a review, however short, on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks so much.

  12. Hey Lissa,
    I just want to say how amazing Starters is (i read it in a day and a half!) and that I cant wait till Enders is released so i can read what happens next. It is a great idea you’ve thought up (with the Starters, Enders and the Bodybank) and i wish it was also a film. I love books of the futuristic genre! especially yours! Have you thought of writing any other books? What other books have you wrote? Where can i find them? Sorry about all the questions. By the way i have also tweeted you on twitter (@j_flemo)
    Love Jess 🙂 xx

  13. Hi Jess and thanks for writing. This is my first book, except for the e-shorts set in the world of STARTERS – “Portrait of a Starter” and “Portrait of a Marshal” (link to the right). The first one is 16 pages, and told from Michael’s pov, the second one is 35 pages and told from a marshal’s point of view as he goes undercover in a teen’s body to find a killer.

    Did you see the video trailer for the book?

    1. Oooh! They sound good I will have to read them! No, I havent seen the video trailer for the book I’ll have to watch it soon. You should write more books/e-shorts so I can read them!! 🙂

  14. Dear,ms Price
    I was wondering if it was official that starters was going to be turn in to a movie?

    1. Thanks for asking, Jasmine. Lots of excitement but we’re not at the stage to make an official announcement.

      1. I wish you were if a movie is on the harison I cannot wait I also cannot wait for the cast as I haven’t a clue who would pay who!

  15. Dear Ms. Price:
    I just finished reading “Starters”, and I have to say I absolutely LOVED it! I can’t wait for “Enders” to come out.
    I’ve read that “Starters” is in talks to be adapted to the big screen. That’s great news, I’m looking forward to that one too (let’s hope the producers don’t mess it up).
    When will “Enders” be released?

  16. Hi, Lissa, I’ve sent you a e-mail (maybe you have receveid it) I’m from Brazil, I bought your book after when I saw the Biggest One at the Book Fair and I really Have to Say, I’m in love with this book and I can’t wait to see the Enders, It’ll be so awesome, I saw that you were looking for directors to make the movie, In my opnion I guess this book shouldn’t turn into a movie, like twilight, Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings, because it’ll lost all the magic of the story and they never make the movie as similar as the book they always cut some parts or change it, but I hope next year when the Enders come into the bookstores I hope I can see you here in Brazil (:

    1. Thanks so much! I answered your email just now. I happen to love those movies you mentioned. I will also be involved with the film so don’t worry, it will not be changed. More about that when the time is right. You can also visit me on Facebook at LissaPriceAuthor.

  17. My English teacher assigned us a project where we have to some up with a playlist to match with the tone and plot of the story, My question is, have you thought of any songs that would well match your story when you were writing it?

    1. Not doing your homework for you. 🙂

  18. Dear Ms. Price,
    What was your inspiration for Starters?
    It is the first book i have read cover to cover in two days i don’t read books fast with my dyslexia but i never wanted to put it down and have read it many times after.

  19. Hey Lissa! I’ve just started to read your book and I am really liking it since the beggining.. I mean I am sure that it’s gonna be an incredible story. I am already thinking about the second book and how it’s gonna be… I can’t imagine! Will “Enders” be the last book?

    1. Yes, Enders will answer all the questions!

  20. I love Starters, and i can’t until the second book comes out. Is there going to be a book 3? 😀

    1. Starters and Enders was always meant to be a duology. I want readers to feel complete, with all their questions answered at the end of Enders. I have another wonderful idea for a new book, so I hope to go on to that next. However, never say never. It is possible there could be a continuation because there are exciting possibilities for the story to continue.

      1. THANK YOU (for the possibility for more books XD) CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE STORIES FROM YOU!!!! 😀

        1. That makes me smile. If you haven’t written a review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, I always appreciate those. And you know about the “Portrait of” two e-short stories set in the world of Starters? Those are linked on the opening page of this site.

          1. THANK YOU!!! i’ve been trying to get my mom to buy me a kindle fire, so i can read the short stories but she keeps on saying no :'( COUNTING THE DAYS TILL ENDERS COMES OUT!!!!XD

          2. Haha! Well, the e-shorts also come on Google books, which means they can be read on any computer. 🙂

      2. *o* Thank you for the possibility that there’s a continuation next to Enders !! I really really loved your books :)) Wish there will be many continuations 🙂

  21. REALLY?!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!:D I CAN’T WAIT TILL ENDERS COMES OUT!!!! wow i have never so obsessed XD ONLY 1 MORE (not counting today)WK LEFT!!!!! HOORAY!!!!

    1. Oh dear – Enders is another story. The Enders release date is not Dec, I’ve tried to warn readers who follow me on twitter and fb about this. I have nothing to do with that, the information is announced by each publisher in each country. I am still in final rewrites of Enders and it looks like it will publish in Germany first. I hope my fans will understand this is beyond my control.

  22. Hi Ms. Price! When will your ebook, ” Portrait of a Middle ” come out?

    1. Hi! The e-short (approx. 30 pages) that used to be called “Portrait of a Middle” has been changed to a different title. It will come out in 2013 as part of a cool surprise. The last e-short will probably be out in early 2013, but no definite date yet. I’ll announce here or on FB as soon as I know. Thanks for asking!

      1. I’m so excited for that e-short and the last book , Enders ! But I’m hoping it isn’t the last one yet of the Starters stories. I love it ! 🙂 Thanks for replying and May the force be with you ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. I saw this book in a scolastic(sp?) flyer
    so i got it from my library and i absolutly loved it
    it made me read until it was like 3 am in the morning
    its authors like you that keep me wanting to read and you have especially insipired m eto try to wrote my own book!! 🙂

    1. You put a big smile on my face. I would appreciate a review on Amazon (and GoodReads if you’re there), since you’ve read it. It can be short, or you can just give it stars. If you’ll also “like” it (just to the right of the title), that would be great! Keep reading and writing.

  24. Hi Lissa,
    I absolutely love your first book. I couldn’t put it down. 🙂 Fantastic!
    I was wanting to know if you have a hometown books store that you sign books at. If so could you send me the name of the store. I want to order Enders signed if possible and support your local store.
    Thanks for your time,

    1. Thanks, Diane, I love hearing that! My local store is on the home page of this site – Once Upon A Time Bookstore in Montrose, Calif. You can click through their link but be sure to make a note that you need a signed copy. If it needs to be personalized you might want to call them. Now Enders has not been announced for the correct publication date in the US yet. It is up to my publisher to do that. It will probably publish in Germany before the US.

      If you go to Amazon just to check the date there, you will find out once they’ve announced the new date. While you’re there, I would appreciate a review on Starters. It can be short. Then, if you will “like” Starters just to the right of the title at the top of the page, that will also help. I appreciate the support!

  25. Hi Lissa,

    I did enjoy reading Starters and am looking forward to read Enders.
    I wanted to purchase the two short e-books on the left, only that I found out it’s not available for people from asia pacific region. Is there any oher way to buy it?

    Thank you

    1. I don’t know… hmmm… what country do you live in specifically and I’ll try to ask my foreign agent.

  26. Dear, Lissa
    Words cannot expression how amazing your book is! WOW, the plot was highly intriguing and I am already recommending the book to my sister, urging her to read it too! I just finished the book and the conclusion could not be more suspenseful and nail-biting. And I LOVED the way you portrayed Callie in th front of the book. You let your readers imagine what she’s look like, instead of just simply giving us a description like any other writer. But I think we’d established that your not just ANY writer …. And I must say though, I was in fact, VERY slow at understanding why you decided to have Callie with white hair and brown and blue eyes, but now I get it! I can just go on and on about what I love about you and your work and I just love that you take time to respond to your fans and readers! As an aspiring writer, I look up to writers like you, Suzanne Collins, James Dasher, Stephen Chabosky, Patrick Ness, Veronica Roth and MORE! And don’t worry, I won’t send any of my writing ideas to you or ask you to read them, like what what you’ve already explained in your FAQ 😉 I just wanted to say that I love your work and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK ENDERS! I already bought Portrait of a Starter and I can’t wait to read that, too!

    1. Such a great letter, thank you! The cover interpretation was actually done by the brilliant cover artist. He also did the Artemis Fowl reissue covers, so if you look those up you’ll see it’s his style not to color in the hair. The eyes though were intentional, to suggest that someone else might be inside her. I think he’s so talented.

      When you read Portrait of a Starter, you’ll get even more information about that drawing. Write me at and I’ll tell you more.

  27. Hi ! Do you already have a specific release date for your book Enders? Sorry I just can’t help it I’m so excited!

  28. I really loved Starters!!! I really want to read Enders but it’s not out to us yet. When will it come out???

    1. It’s going to come out at different times depending on which country you’re in.

  29. is the 2nd book going to come out anytime soon in the US? not a very patient person especially when it comes to good books. sorry 🙂

    1. I don’t blame you at all! It is frustrating for me because the author has no say regarding release dates. Enders is done, it is in translation in some of the countries and will probably publish in Europe first. I can tell you, I’m very happy with it. It’s worth waiting for.

      1. that just makes me want to read it even more XD

  30. Hi, I’m from Mexico, and I’ve read your book (Starters), it’s very good, i can’t understand emglish perfectly, so my question is: where can i find “Portrait of a Marshal”, “Portrait of a Starter” and “Enders” in spanish?

    1. That is a good question! I will try to find out.

        1. I asked one of my agents and we are finding out for you. 🙂

          1. ¿News?

  31. So, I just recently finished Starters! I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is probably my new favorite book. As a 7th grader, I had to tell all my friends about it. They laughed when I attempted to explain that people rented out others bodies. I CANNOT wait for Enders! The suspense is killing me…….

    1. Thank you so much! Email me via the email on this site and I’ll email you back.

  32. will there be a Starters movie? 😀 b/c if there is I WANNA SEE IT!!!!!

  33. hi I’ve read starters I bought it from Dubai *uk version* in the last page it said that enders was comin December 2012 but its the end of mars 2013 so what happened to the book I cant find it any where and I cant order any thing online please is there a list of book stores who have it or something ? have it even been released in a English version ?

    1. No, Starters has not been released in an English version yet. Random House Children’s Books is the publisher in N.A. and Random House UK in the UK. I really wish they hadn’t printed that date in the back of Starters because publishers move dates around all the time. It is already in translation in some European countries, which means it will publish there first, probably this Spring. I wish I had control of this, but I don’t.

  34. Hi! Was Enders released in America yet? Every website I looked on said it was unavailable. However, I heard it was released in October and on it says it will be in stock in 2 to 4 weeks. I’ve looked on many websites though and said it wasn’t being released until January 2014. My conclusion was that maybe they are sold out everywhere and new copies won’t be available until next year.

    1. I love your conclusion but no, Enders has not yet been released anywhere. It will be released in Europe shortly (this Spring).

  35. will enders go more into depth on the love triangle?:D

    1. Such a great question. Oh, yes. And in ways I’m sure that will be a surprise.

      1. AW YEAH!!!!!! love them for some reason XD

  36. I loved your book and was wondering when Enders was going to be reliesed?! i need to know for an assignment also so please reply as soon as you can

    1. Hi and thanks. It’s best to email me with any important questions and I’ll try to help if I can. Enders will be released as soon as next month in France and Germany. I have to check on other countries like the Netherlands and Italy. It will not be out for a while in the US, but it will come out. Look for the paperback this July with a special new short story about the Spore Wars.

      1. thank you soo much and i cant wait till it comes out! thanks again!

  37. Hi Lissa I know you’ve been asked this many times but any news on a movie

  38. Hello there!
    I’ve read in the comments above, there’s a chance that “Enders” gets published in Europe first. I’m from Spain, and I’m waiting anxiously for “Enders” since I finished with “Starters”. Do you know about the release dates in Europe?
    Also, “Portrait of a Starter” was released in Spanish, but I haven’t found “Portrait of a Marshal” in Spanish. Do you know if it has been translated?
    Third and last question: When will the 3rd Unhidden Story come out (in English, I mean)?
    To say the least, I don’t get how your novel can get released first in Europe than in America… Even though I’m European!
    Congrats, you’re an amazing writer, keep it on 😀

    1. Please write me asap at lissapriceauthor at and let’s talk about your questions. Thank you so much!

  39. I have just finished Enders and it was just great! But now I have got a question. Will there be a 3rd book? Or is this the last one?

    1. Thank you! Since you’re one of the lucky early ones, love to get your thoughts on Amazon (for your country) and Goodreads. I wrote Enders as a duology, and book 2 answers all the questions. One of my publishers already wants more, but I will probably write a new project first. So it will depend on demand whether we continue the series after that. Write me at LissaPriceAuthor (at sign) gmail .com

  40. Hi Lissa
    How is ist possible that Blakes Grand- Grand Mother is 200 years old while he is still under 20? (Book 1 Enders)

    1. Hi and thanks for the question. If you look on this faq page, I address that (I also updated it). Basically, women are capable of having children at a much older age in this future, so it works out. Also Blake estimated her age at 200 (which sounds nice and round and something to brag about), but she’s probably more like in her 180s.

  41. Hi, I sent you an email with questions already lol but I left one out, earlier you answered someone’s post saying that the cover with the girl (I’m guessing Callie) with two eyes represents Helena inside, but doesn’t it also represent the picture Michael drew of her with two different colored eyes?

    1. Yes. I saw the cover before I wrote that story, “Portrait of a Starter”. I was inspired by the cover. So both those things are true. 🙂

  42. Is Enders seriously coming out on January 7?

    1. Yes, as per, that’s the US pub date. Authors don’t get to choose, it’s totally up to my publishers. But I think you’ll find it was worth waiting for. 🙂

  43. Ahhh why did I discover this book when it first came out!It means I’ve had to wait forever for the sequel! Only a few more months for America now then i can finally order it for me all the way in Australia
    Well I’m off to go read starters for the fourth time since its the only thing I can do for now 🙁

    1. Honestly, it hurts me too. You guys who were so loyal from the start, I really do appreciate you. It wasn’t up to me to decide when Enders would be published, it’s an issue for my publishers. You might win the contest for the most reads of Starters though. Also, cover your first printing, first edition with a Broart cover.
      Some people are reading the e-shorts, Portrait of a Starter (16p) and Portrait of a Marshal (35 p approx). And if you go here: you can read the beginning of Enders – leave me a comment there too.

  44. I love your book’s cover even more now. I just got my friend to start reading it, but we’re in eleventh grade, which means prison (aka high school) so she can’t read it as much. I love the cover because it creeps my friends out so much and it’s so funny doing that. It works for both paperback AND hardcover!!! 😛

    1. I’m not sure if you mean the original cover or the new paperback cover (which yes, is supposed to be the hardback cover for the 8th printing – at least, last I heard). Love your story about creeping people out!

      1. I mean both of them. I showed both of the covers to my friend and she was kind of scared. Obviously, I couldn’t stop laughing XD Ah, so fun :3

        1. 😀 I love this story. I can imagine it. As a new author, it thrills me to no end to discover people are talking about my words that were just images inside my head a few years ago.

          1. I’m getting another friend to read Starters! First, I obviously showed her the cover, which she found a little scary (hehehe). Then I showed her the summary and she became really interested!!! I’m getting the book in the library for her tomorrow! and afterwards, show my cousin!!! Whoo!!! I’m still getting as many friends as possible to read it
            (even though we’re all in eleventh grade and dying)! 😀

          2. Thank you! I am and always will be, a fan of libraries. This is great. I take it you’re talking about the original cover? What do you think of the new cover (on the paperback?) I am very curious why you are dying in the 11th grade? Too much homework?
            So I’m in two contests this week, I think you’ll be interested in the YA Scavenger Hunt. Come back to my site on Thurs, Oct 3 after noon Pacific time!

  45. We’re all dying in eleventh grade with AP classes, which means lots of homework, so yes /. .\ I love the paperback cover too! not as much as the hardcover, but I love it because it can scare my friends too and I also find it creepy (hehehe) == I keep telling my friends that the covers are beautiful after showing them the covers and they keep saying they’re scary. 😀

  46. Hi Ms. Price! I read your book last year, and am just now rereading in preparation for Enders 🙂 My friend and I both really loved your book, and she tried to buy the second book the instant she was finished with the first. I had read the first in my school library, and I think my librarian still remembers me as the girl who tried to order Enders for the library before it was even out. She has, however, put up with my insanity and preordered it for others at my school to enjoy, right after me 🙂 You are an amazing writer with truly unique ideas, never stop writing! Thank you for your super wonderful book!

    1. I love hearing stories like this, thank you for telling me and for reminding your librarian to have it there right away. Write me at my email that is on the contact me page and say you’d posted here and I asked you to write.

  47. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves I’m in Australia and no bookstores even sell this book!!!

    1. Starters was in Australia and Enders will be too. Are you unable to pre-order it there?

  48. Hi Lissa i am a massive fan of your books and cannot wait for Enders! Your books are phenomenal i just wanted to ask…. how long did it take you to write STARTERS and what inspired you?
    Many Thanks

    1. Nine months. And the story of the inspiration is here on this site! Thanks!
      Note you can still win the iPad Air in the Enders pre-order contest (top right of page) and Starters is the top Kindle YA Jan deal at a reduced price for your friends.

    2. 9 months. See the story on this site. And it’s not too late to win the iPad Air in the Enders pre-order contest (see top right).

  49. Thank you so much for replying so soon! Your book are amazing as homework at school i had to read a SCI-FI book and your appealed to me the most! I had to varrious topics and i still be handed in. I will try and win the IPad air! When you wrote your first chapter, how did you know how to start? Did you mind map what was your planning?

    1. Often in my first draft, the first chapter changes. One person gave me the best advice: don’t judge your first chapter until you’ve finished the whole draft. By then, you will know more about what the book is about. You may change it, as I did. I do start out with a sort of map, but then I try to stay true to the story.

  50. I have just read the first chapter of your book Enders it is really interesting cant wait for the rest!

    1. Thank you! I’m guessing you read it on If you pre-order(only a couple of days left), you could win the iPad Air.

  51. Unfortunately i cannot i live in the UK:( how long did it take to write enders and starters?

    1. Nine months to write Starters.

  52. is there another book after enders?

    1. At this moment, I have not committed to one. However, I do have thoughts about this story, so it is possible.

  53. At long last, Enders is out. I’ve been waiting since ninth grade (I’m in 11th grade). I can’t wait to have the book in my hands, then I’ll just have to wait for the movie >:D

    1. That is really interesting when you put it in terms of grades. Wow.
      Yes, Like the way you think.

      1. I actually won a copy of Enders from Goodreads!!!!! That plot twist was amazing! The only complaint I have is that the ending made me want a third book. Please give us a third book! But you know, not in a far away future like what happened to the second book. 🙂

        1. Hah! Congrats on winning the copy. Please review it on Amazon, GR, B&N – I really love reviews from readers like you. Enders released last year in Europe, you know. I agree with you, almost two years was too long to wait!

      2. I really liked the last book, but I want more. Do you have any plans on making a third book? If so, please don’t make me wait a really long time like Enders. 🙂

        1. You know that Enders came out in Spring of last year in parts of Europe? So it does not have to be this long – thank you for being patient! Please review on the sites.

  54. Is there going to be a third book?

  55. I have been to Whsmiths and i cannot purchase the book, they have non at all so i have to order online but i need to persuade my mum. 🙁

    1. Did it seem like Enders had sold out there or did they never get it? Maybe it will persuade her to know that the series has had awards including a library association Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers? You can see more on the other pages here. Good luck and let me know once you’ve read it!

  56. I will! WHsmith never had it i have to order it but i will show her this and hopefully she will say yes. I am from the uk so thats probably why! Buti am hoping x

    1. Hi. I know WHsmith is a UK chain and it’s odd that it was not there. Usually, stores will order a book for you, so there is that possibility too. Good luck and let me know when you’ve read Enders!

  57. Dear Lissa,
    I’m a Brazilian fan. I’ve just read Enders. Are you going to continue the story, like, Callie in the Middles ages? (forgive me for any grammar error!)

    1. Because I have had interest from so many fans, it is very likely. Thanks for writing to tell me.

  58. I forgot! Portrait of a Starter is already for sale here in Brazil? Cause I can’t find it!

    1. I have not heard that it has been translated to Portuguese. I will ask.

  59. Hi Lissa i was wondering if you send signatures to England or if you even do?

    1. Hi! I don’t ship overseas because the person who goes to the post office has to stand in line and fill out customs forms if it is overseas. I’m sorry about that. However, I would love to tour England sometime (I’ve been there many times and love it), so keep an eye on my events calendar in the future. Thank you!

  60. Will there be a sequel to Enders? Or a whole new series that’s basically the sequels? You left us wanting SOOOOOO much more!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I am hearing from so many fans that they want another book in the Starters world, and these characters won’t let me go, so I am seriously looking into another book. Keep watching my site and twitter, fb.

      1. OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Greeting Ms. Lissa :))

    Your Starters are one of a kind. Truly, it is a page turner :)) Anyways, I already finished Enders. And, I must say this, you are truly amazing. I really envy authors like you. From your imaginations, then to our little minds. You made your imaginations became visible to the many minds of the readers. You’re a genius.
    Enders left my mouth open–like, we can;t really predict what’s going to happen first. Thank you for making this book. It brought my mind to imagine more and have a world separate from the reality. You opened my eyes into many things :)) Thank you again :))

    1. Thank you for this terrific note! I really appreciate it. (reviews… on Amazon…Goodreads… luv)

  62. Hi Ms. Price!
    I just finished Starters today and can not wait to start Enders! I didn’t realize how much I loved the story until I actually closed the book (which left me staring into space, trying to comprehend the ending and wondering how you would finish the story in Enders). Most dystopian/futuristic novels today feel either unoriginal or similar to others, but I must say that yours was entirely original. I didn’t once feel as if an aspect of your story was similar to another and enjoyed every moment! I was surprised how quickly I became attached to the characters (believe me that’s hard to do with the first book of a series) and began to predict what would happen later in the story (none of my guesses were right by the way, you blew me away). I applaud you for crafting such an excellent novel that kept me captivated the entire time and I am positive that whatever else you write will be just as wonderful (and I can proudly say that I’ll be one of the first to read it). 🙂

    1. Ah, I love hearing this. Love surprising readers. Thank you so much! Be sure and review on amazon, goodreads, etc.

  63. Any movie updates for Starters?!!! 😀

  64. Hi, I am a Brazilian fan. My friends
    and I are madly worshiping Starters,
    Lissa Price keep writing your books
    are very good. Kisses and hugs from
    your fan 😉
    Ps: We really want Starters get a movie

  65. will there be a third book after Enders?

    1. Follow me here or on twitter and FB and keep up with the latest news. Thanks for asking.

  66. Hello my name is Anna Paula and I’m from Brazil. Much loved your book, I could not stop reading. Whenever I went to sleep, I thought about the book. It was the best book I read in my life. In Starters, cried with the story of Callie, I was very surprised to learn that [edited for spoilers], I could not believe what, what shocked me most, was [edited for spoilers]. 3 days after you finish reading the Starters I went to buy the Enders. Loved reading the book, so I could read in 2 days, I liked to see Callie with a little intimacy with Hyden, [edited for spoilers] the ultimate super cute. Loved the Starters and Enders, keep writing. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! I had to edit this for the spoilers. Thank you for writing, go Brazil!

  67. I’ve read Starters and Enders! They are both fantastic books, I was wondering if there is going to be a third book? Maybe about what Callie, Michael, and Hyden do next. I’d love to read it!

    Also is there going to be movies coming out about the books? That would be amazing!

    1. There is a good chance there will be a third book, nothing official yet so keep watching this site or follow me on Twitter and FB. Ditto on the movies, we are looking for the right partners and when that happens, I’ll announce. Thanks for writing!

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! I can not wait! I love Starters and Enders and a new book would be absolutely awesome!

        A movie would be even more great! Can’t wait for your future and the future of the books! 😀

  68. I love starters and enders, your books are instresting and they keep the reader captivated and cant wait to see what happens next (at least i was). But i would really enjoy a starters movie. I think it would be bigger than the hunger games (least i think so). So what came to ask was, is there gonna be movies for these awesome books?

    1. Thank you, yes, you are not alone. We have had a lot of interest from the film industry and it’s just a matter of finding the best partners for the series. Keep watching this site or fb or twitter as I will announce once we had settled on those people and have the deal to announce!

      1. I was wondering if there is another book after Enders? I love the books and would enjoy another!

        1. The chances that there will be are really good. Nothing official at this point, but these characters will not let me go so easily. Thanks.

  69. I really love the book Starters. I would give it a 10/10!! I have a question. How do you support that this book Starters is in the future. And I’m confused about the setting.

    1. Thank you and I hope you’ve given Starters a rating on Amazon, or the Barnes & Noble website. I suspect you might be one of my wonderful foreign readers, because your two questions are confusing to me. This is science fiction, it’s imagining what a near-future LA could be like, to tell a story. Maybe look at the reader’s guide link under the “for teachers” tab.

  70. Hi Lissa!
    I very love your book!! Is it probably the best book I read ever!!
    I love everything of your story!!
    You hare genial!!
    Thanks for the discovery of this beautiful wold!!
    (I am very sorry for language, but I am French, and I’m very not good in english)
    Merci je vous aime! Callie ne sera a jamais ma héroïne préférer!!

    1. Hi Daphne!

      Thank you so much! Merci!
      I will be in Paris in April, speaking and signing. If you will be there, let me know please.

  71. ” Enders ” is in Spanish ? ” starters ” I read it and leave you with the plot , in the Amazon: Unfortunately this in English 🙁

    1. sorry for my bad English 🙁 I ‘m from Peru and I loved it , so far no book that’s on my shelf above a ” starters”

    2. Thanks for writing. No, Enders has not been translated to Spanish yet. Your best bet is to write the publisher of the Spanish Starters.

  72. Lissa Price
    Does it have to be done a film based on Starter and Ender ? If it is, because few short scenes I saw , would you please give anyone a link ? Because I am with Polish and not quite manage to find it. Please help !

    1. Nie jestem pewien, o co prosisz . Każdy film, który widziałem z wyjątkiem oficjalnych przyczep książki film z moich wielu wydawców, są nieuprawnione filmów studenckich . Możesz iść tutaj, aby głosować na prawdziwym filmowym lub telewizyjnym na podstawie mojej książki .
      Kliknij na flagę w prawym górnym rogu mojej strony, aby przetłumaczyć stronę do Polski.

      There is no film yet on Starters and Enders. But follow that link to vote on what you’d like to see!

  73. ♥Hi Lissa. I LOOOOOOVE your books. I just finished reading them and they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I am ten years old and it’s hard to find a book that’s interesting. But your books are awesome!!!!♥

    1. Thank you! You’re my youngest reader on record. Send me an email.

  74. Hi Lissa!
    I adore this series so much! The concept is so interesting and the plot is well-developed. I just finished re-reading the books and novellas and I loved it just as much as the first time! And this is were my question to you comes in. I own a paperback copy of ‘Starters’ (it has a white cover), but unfortunately it does not include the novella ‘Portrait of a Spore’. I tried finding the right copy in the local (Dutch) libraries. However I had no luck as they only had the Dutch version 🙁 You wrote it is only available in print, but I was hoping there might be another possibility? I would really really love to read it 🙂

    1. Hi Flo,

      Thank you so much. Have you voted for it to be a film? Your paperback of Starters, I am guessing it is in Dutch? I didn’t know they did not add the short story to it, the way they did to the US version (blue cover). It doesn’t exist in E-format, only in print in the US paperback (not sure about other languages). The Book Depository is the only resource I know that will ship various versions with no shipping charges to most cities internationally. Otherwise, you can ask your Dutch library if you can request a transfer – perhaps the English language version is in your library system, even if it’s not in your local libraries. Sometimes you just have to ask the librarian. Good luck and take care.

  75. Hi Lissa,
    I was wondering if there is going to be a third book in the series.

    1. Author

      It might happen. Right now am working on a different, exciting project! Thanks for asking.

  76. Hi lissa
    is book 3 ever coming out?

    1. Author

      I haven’t written it because I’m working on another, very exciting project now. But it might happen someday.

  77. Do you ever plan one releasing movies or one long movie for the books Starters and Enders? I would love to see it if you do release one.

    1. Author

      Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to hear news like this!

  78. Hi Lissa,
    I just finished reading “Enders” and i really really would like to see third book of this series. I’m so curious about relationship between Hayden and Callie.
    Love your books and i waiting for another your projects
    Love from Poland

  79. Hey Lissa, I just finished reading Enders and it has completely blown me away. Not going to lie I was hopping for a bit more closure towards the ending, but it left me wanting more which I think was the intention.
    I really want this series to be turned into movies. So is there anything going on in that front?

  80. Hi Lissa, I’ve (like so many other people it seems) just finished reading your series, and have fallen in love with it. I was just wondering one thing. What made you decide to end the series with Enders instead of continuing the series? It seems like the trio may have an amazing story left in them. I love this series and hope they continue to prosper.

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