Here’s a printable Starters and Enders bookmark. Print individually or double-sided at 100% or actual size. Enjoy!





  1. Hi Lissa i’m from Brasil, and i just wanted to say that i loved both Starters and Enders, i’ve just finished Enders and it was awesome. Starters was my first book (kind of funny haha) was the first book that i’ve ever read, and i love it.
    It should definitely become a movie. I have a question, that movie “Ender’s Game” does it have something to do with your book? I still didn’t watch…
    So, thank you for written those amazing books, and congratulations for them.
    (sorry for my bad english haha)

    1. Hi and thanks for writing. Ender’s Game has nothing to do with my series. I liked that movie but it didn’t do well at the box office.
      Be sure to vote for Starters as a film or tv show.

      1. Hi Lissa, I just finished Enders and I thought it was just fantastic, I’ve read The Hunger Games but for me the feeling of reading Starters and Enders was an incredible life experience. I will take with me forever the life lessons I found in this perfect literary work, thank you so much for making me laugh and cry. I love you.

  2. Hi Lissa. Can I just say that I’m one of those book nerds and I’ve read many books. But I could tell that your series are one of my favorites of all the time. The idea is so original and I think it’s really good. I wish they adapt this to a movie. It would be lovely.
    P.s I’ve vote for Starters as a film or TV series. Hopefully it’ll be soon adapted and I’ll be the happiest person ever! And maybe I could be a part of the film :p

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