This new chapter sampler was given out at the Divergent movie, opening weekend.


Chapter sampler inside






  1. Hello Lissa price ,i love their books ,when we are reading it,we engage with the story,much love your books,please continue with the story, I’m a fan of reading his books, and I wish you continued writing, I bet that not only I, but not only do I like many other readers, her books are all for me, please keep writing they are my vida.por please.

    1. Hi and thanks for the kind words. Yes, I hope that each reader feels the book is for him/her. That’s what I meant when I wrote these.
      I am definitely writing and there’s a good chance there will be another book in this series. Thank you so much!

  2. hello i was just wonder if you had an idea in they are going to make starters into a movie because i read starters a i really love it i just want to know if i would be able to see it on the big screen withen the nest few years

    1. STARTERS has many top producers who are fans and things are moving. I agree with you! Watch this site or follow me on Twitter, FB for news.

  3. Lissa Price. You made my day when I opened up my Christmas present and saw the covers of starters and enders, I knew straight away that I would love the books. When I first picked the books and read the first word I was captivated by your detail in your vocabulary and plot. I was never bored, always clinging to the edge of my seat as I experienced what Callie experience, felt what Callie felt and believed what Callie believed. You make the reader feel intense emotions for the characters and to what happens to them. I cried when [removed for spoiler] died even though we didn’t get introduced to [removed] too much I felt a sad aching feeling in my heart when [removed] died. That [removed] never found out the truth about Helena, about Callie and about her life. Overall you are an amazing author and I, and probably millions of other people, love and loved your books. Whether you tell us what happens to Callie and her friends and family or if we are left wanting more we will always be your loyal fans who adore your book. Thank you for writing those books.

    1. Thank you so much. This is quite a lovely comment, you completely made my evening. Please email me at and remind me that you wrote this recent comment.

  4. Hi Lissa.
    I just want to say Thank you for everything I enjoyed while reading your book. It showed me that things are not what they seem to be in first place, and that some friends are made of paper and chapters.
    Love, Cindy

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