Barnes & Noble Best Teen Books of 2012

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Thrilled to make this list!

Indigo Best Teen Books of 2012


STARTERS hardcover on the Bestseller List July 2012

STARTER on the Bestseller List Aug 2012


STARTERS paperback on the Bestseller List July 2013


STARTERS paperback on the Bestseller List Aug 2013

philippine bestseller august

STARTERS paperback on the Bestseller List Sept 2013

national september 2013

STARTER on the Bestseller List Oct 2013

Starter pbya2013oct

STARTERS on the Bestseller List Nov 2013

Starter nbya2013nov

Starters was chosen by readers in Germany as their 9th favorite YA book of 2012!

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This is the French Goodreads site with 1.8 mil viewers per month. They voted on their favorite twelve 2012 books of any kind, YA or adult, and as you would expect, there are some French authors on this list. There’s also J.K. Rowling and Toni Morrison. Starters was chosen as their 9th favorite book of 2012, only one of two YAs!
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The site Kidzworld picked Starters as their 4th pick of Best Teen Books of 2012!

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Starters made the exclusive LA Public Library Best of 2012 Teen Reads List.

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Starters selected by the Chicago Public Library Best of 2012 Teen List, listed alphabetically.


The Crimezone Best YA Thriller Award. This award was given in the Netherlands to a Dutch author and a non-Dutch author (me).

Google translate describes the awards ceremony held in Den Hague:

After this pleasant meeting started the ceremony really. After a brief introduction of Crime Zone Sales Manager Liesbeth Maaskant, Judith Visser and became the first prize in the category ‘Abroad’ announced. Lissa Price may itself with 32% of the votes cast on her debut Starters winner of this prize call. Her award was received on behalf of publishing house Unieboek taken. They were not really surprised, because they all Starters “a really cool book” find. The special children of Mrs. Peregrine Random Riggs (Clavis) was second (17%) and Inauguration of Veronica Roth (publisher Van Goor) was third (16%).


Starters is a Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers of 2013


Starters is on the 2013 IRA list of YA Choices distributed to schools and libraries. 

The SSYRA 2013-2014 Middle School Nominated Reading List and the Florida Teens Read Award Finalists

Starters is the only book to have made both of these finalist lists (of 15 books) because of the crossover appeal to teens and middle grade readers.

The Missouri Association of School Librarians have nominated STARTERS for the MASL awards and placed on the 2014-2015 master lists. STARTERS is the only book on both the 6-8 Truman Award and the Gateway Award 9-12 lists.

Starters is one of ten nominees for the Golden Sower Award for the state of Nebraska.


Starters won the Granite Award for 2012.


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