Release Dates – Enders

Please note these are only the dates that are confirmed so far. Many more will be coming. Some publishers listed are publishing in more than one country. For example, the UK publisher distributes to places beyond the UK, I believe Australia, NZ, India and more. We’ll continue to update the list below so don’t worry if you don’t see your country yet.

Australia   March 2014
Brazil Novo Conceito order link 1 order link 2 Feb 6, 2014
China United Sky Oct 2015
France Robert Laffont May 2013
Germany Piper Verlag May 2013
Greece   Oct 2013
Hungary Agave Dec 2013
Italy Sperling & Kupfer May 2013


  April 2016 

March 2015

Portugal Planeta Jan 2014
Thailand Amarin/Spell Oct 21, 2015 (together with Starters)
The Netherlands Unieboek Oct 2013
Turkey Dogan Egmont Feb 2014
UK & Commonwealth Random House Dec 26, 2013



111 Responses to Release Dates – Enders

  1. oky says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I’m Oky from Indonesia, Southeast Asia. I really adore your book, it’s just beyond my imagination and i’m addicted to read it again and again. Such a marvelous book so far. I want to know when is “Enders” will be release in Indonesia?.

    I’m looking forward to your response

    • Lissa says:

      I wish I had an answer for you, but we don’t have that update yet. Keep checking here under ENDERS. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Adriana V says:

    Hola Lissa

    Me fascina tu libro, es el primer libro que me cautiva en la historia,felicidades.
    Quería saber ¿cuando se lanza el libro de Ender en Mexico?

    Quedo al pendiente

    Gracias 😀

    • Lissa says:

      I am so happy this is the first book that has really captured your imagination! Hola y gracias por dejarme saber! Lo siento, no tengo esa información. Que estés bien!

  3. Jessica H says:

    Hi Lissa,

    I’m Jessica and I’m from Canada. I love Starters, it’s an amazing book, I’ve reread it a thousand times! I was just wondering if you know when Enders is going to be released in Canada.

    You’re an amazing writer and I hope to hear from you soon,
    – Jessica

  4. Olivia says:

    Hi Lissa,
    Starters is an amazing, wonderful and interesting book! I have read it many times and adore it.
    I’m from Victoria, Australia.
    I noticed there is no release date for Aus.
    Do you know when it will be released, because I’ve been excitedly waiting for it ever since I bought Starters!
    Thankyou, Olivia.

    • Lissa says:

      Hi Olivia – If you bought Starters when it first came out, your cover should have the app where you point your smartphone at it and it plays the video trailer? (after you’ve downloaded the free app, startersbooks). If that is your cover, then the UK version is what was sent to Australia (and that is what I believe). So you’ll definitely get ENDERS. If you are near a bookstore, ask the bookseller to look it up for you. You might even be able to pre-order and have it sent to you. It should be within weeks now!

  5. Kerstin says:

    Hi Lissa,
    I’m a reader from Germany. Just finished “Starters” and I’m really fascinated by the world you create in this fascinating book!!
    I had a bad cold last week and startet to read your story – and I just couldn’t stop reading 🙂 It’s a real page-turner, great work!!
    Thanks for writing this and go on 🙂

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you! I love comments like these. Books are wonderful for helping us through rougher times. Glad you are better. Now you are lucky, because ENDERS is already out in Germany.

  6. Cirill Dalangin says:

    Hello Miss Lissa!

    I’m a really big fan of your book. I just got it for Christmas and I finished it within two days! It was really nice and I loved the story, how the story had romantic parts but it didn’t interrupt the plot.

    I’m from the Philippines and I’m exited to read the sequel of the book, Enders. But I’m wondering when will it be released here?

    Thanks in advance and more power to you and your books! 😀

    • Lissa says:

      Hi and I really love hearing from all fans, especially from other countries. Starters was on the bestseller list in the Philippines too. Yes, it was important to me that the romance was there in the story because it had to be. I’m glad you appreciated that.

      I don’t know the release date there but I hope it will be close to the US release of Jan 7 – please ask your favorite bookseller.

  7. Marky says:

    Hey Lissa! 🙂 I’m from Czech Republic..I love starters. 🙂 Starters is beautifull book and i love this book :). Please, when will this book in the Czech Republic for sale? 🙂

    • Lissa says:

      Hi and thanks for writing! I don’t know the exact date for your country. Watch this website, as I try to update the Enders release dates in all the countries when I learn them. Also, ask your favorite bookseller, maybe they can look it up. Thank you!

    • Lissa says:

      I will try to find out – meanwhile, keep watching the Enders release date page!

  8. cristine says:

    Hi Lissa!
    I just received the STARTERS as a gift from a friend last December and when I finished reading it, I definitely wanted to have the ENDERS…And now, I have it! It was the only copy available and I’m very lucky to be able to buy it…Although the two books I have are not the same in cover,because the Starters I received has the first edition cover,and the Enders has the new cover, I still love them…I’m excited to read the Enders!

    I’m from the Philippines and here,in our country, STARTERS is really a bestseller…

    STARTERS and ENDERS are definitely books a teen should have…Thank you for giving us, readers, such a masterpiece 🙂

    I hope your next books would be also successful just like STARTERS… 🙂

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful post. I am sorry about people having two different style covers. In the US Starters is in the 8th printing, so I am told they will print the blue photo cover as the next hardcover printing. There are many fans though of the original cover, so some countries are using the French drawn cover for Enders.

      Yes, the Philippines has been good to Starters and I appreciate it. Hopefully, I will be invited to tour there sometime. I have friends here in the US who are Filipina and they’re really fun.

      Thank you. Don’t forget to review on Amazon and Goodreads please.
      Happy New Year!

      • cristine says:

        I hope 2014 will be a great year for you, Lissa! 🙂 thank you for having the time to read my post. Are you the one using the tumblr account, lissapriceauthor? Because, I’m also a blogger there,and I hope we could communicate to each other through it..

        Love lots,
        Cristine 🙂

        • Lissa says:

          Yes, contact me through tumblr! Thank you and wishing you a great 2014 as well.

          • cristine says:

            Okay.Thank you,Lissa! 🙂 I already finished Enders despite of being busy…And I am very much thankful for having read STARTERS and ENDERS. The story is so unique!
            By the way, may I just ask if you’re planning a third book? Thank you! 🙂

            Love lots,
            Cristine 🙂

          • Lissa says:

            Anything is possible. 🙂

          • cristine says:

            If so, what would be the title of the third book? 🙂 Thanks a lot!

          • Lissa says:

            Too early for that! 🙂

          • cristine says:

            Hey, Lissa! My cousin and I both liked STARTERS and ENDERS. We want more of it…and we’re hoping for a third book. 🙂 The story is so amazing and it’s heart-breaking for us if that’s it.. We wanted a next book badly… And we want the love story of Callie and the Old Man be continued…
            THANK YOU! God Bless…

            Love lots,
            Cristine 🙂

          • Lissa says:

            Thanks, I like hearing from readers about this.

          • Cristine says:

            Hey, Lissa! =D It’s me again, Cristine from the Philippines! I’m so sad right now because I will not be able to bring you my books for you to sign them because right now, I have no means to go to Manila 🙁 And honestly, we are currently struggling with the strong winds because of the typhoon here in our region…But I’m still hoping I could meet you someday… I have so many things to tell you…Hope you enjoy your stay here in the Philippines…

            Love lots,
            Cristine 🙂

          • Lissa says:

            I’m so sorry I didn’t get to meet you, Cristine. It was a wonderful trip and so special because we had two signings in Manila. But I know the flooding was terrible. I loved it there and will return with the next book (but no estimate yet on when that will be). See you then!

  9. Karla:) says:

    Hi lissa!!
    I’m from mexico(:
    I finished starters like 5 months ago, and since that day I’m excited because I want to read Enders even I sent you an Email when I finished Starters I don’t think you remember me. haha well , Do you know when will it be released here? 🙁

  10. Zion says:

    Hi lissa price

    I’m Zion and I’m from Australia and was wondering when ENDERS was coming ov searched all over the internet to try and find it lol STARTERS was the first NOVEL like actual chapter book I have ever ever ever read and I loved it and I’m not a reading kind of person I never read anything except for Facebook which explains my awful punctuation but since I read your I feel a lot smarter and I really can’t wait to read ENDERS every other book I tried to find to read I can’t get your story out of my head if your amazing writing and book got me to read my first ever book lol my family was even surprised they applauded for me when I had finished it like I had won a Grammy because they were really in shock. I’m not the nerd in my f
    Family it’s usually my sister and I was always the naughty child in the family but now I like reading and I won’t be able to
    Read another book until I find out what happens next please help lol your biggest fan hehe 😀

    • Lissa says:

      Hi Zion and thanks for sharing that with me. I love hearing it. So rather than trust the internet, I would suggest calling your closest bookstore and asking them if they have ENDERS yet. They will be able to look it up and tell you when it is coming in. Even if the bookstore is far, they can probably ship, but at least you’ll have an idea when it’s due there (and may already be there). Lmk, okay?

  11. Laura Palma says:

    Hola Lissa!
    I am very excited about the launch of Enders and apparently there is no date yet for Mexico, please be sure to inform us any news. I really appreciate it. I hope this sequel with love and emotion. Greetings from Mexico. I love you Lissa!!

  12. Andy says:

    Hi Lissa,
    at first I must say: I love your book! I´m your huge fan! I am from Czech republic, small state in Europe. I´d like to ask you when will Enders be here? Can´t wait to read it. I´m sorry for my english, I know it´s not very good. If you answer me I´ll be very happy.

    • Lissa says:

      Your English is better than my Czech! I will try to find out for you and post in the Enders Release page. Thank you so much, Andy.

  13. Gabrielli says:

    I really enjoyed Enders , you’re a amazing writer!
    Is “Enders” the last book ?
    Brasil loves you <3

  14. Savanna says:

    Hi, Ms. Price. I, along with my friends, would like to know if you will be writing a third book to follow Enders. Thank you for your time!

    • Lissa says:

      Thanks for asking. I am considering it, but nothing official yet. I keep getting ideas about where this is going and what Callie is doing, so keep an eye on this site as well as my twitter (@Lissa_Price) and FB (LissaPriceAuthor).

  15. Isadora says:

    I send to you an e-mail. Please, Can you answer it? I am from Brazil and I love your books! I love Starters and Enders!

  16. Isadora says:

    I need to know: Who Callie those: Michael, Blake or Hyden?

  17. LUISA says:



  18. Elze says:


    I love your books so much I read Enders in 2 days! I was curious if there will be another book in this serie.

    Kind Regards

    Elze from The Netherlands!

    • Lissa says:

      I love hearing from the Netherlands! I’ve been all over your country looking for windmills! And that cover there is one of the best interpretations of the original cover.

      Glad you love the books – please consider a short review or just giving them stars on sites like Amazon, Good reads.
      It is possible. I’ve been asked this by many fans so that has me thinking…

  19. Good day Lissa! 🙂

    I just want to ask, what is the real image cover of your book “Enders”? I’m getting confused. Is it the red one? Similar to the cover of “Starters”?

    Thank you very much! 🙂

    • Lissa says:

      Hi. It depends on what country you’re talking about. It’s published in many countries with different covers. See my page on this site, just look in the menu.
      The US cover of Enders is a red photograph of a girl’s face in the style of the US paperback of Starters.
      In the UK and their regions, it is a drawing of a girl in blue and then a similar style in red. Note this is different from the original US hardback with the white/silver/blue drawing. That cover was repeated in most countries, with slight variations.

  20. Dhanush says:

    Hey! I’m from India and I like Starters and Enders! I received it from a close friend in Germany! I hope you write more books! I would be first one who is your major fan. I hope to hear from you thank you!

    • Lissa says:

      So I am wondering, did your German friend give you the UK version? I know that Starters was published for India, probably the UK version (bright red cover, drawing of a girl). I love India, I have spent time in every city except the east.

      • Dhanush says:

        Uh, yea! I never really knew but it was a bright red cover. I’m happy that you enjoyed you stay in India! And it was a great pleasure talking to you!

  21. Erwin says:

    Hey, Lissa!
    I’m a reader from Indonesia, and I really love your book. a masterpiece I though.
    Do you have any information about Enders Release date in Indonesia? and also, why this novel didn’t have a movie yet? would be amazing if you answer my question and greet me.

    Warm Regards from Indonesia 🙂

    PS: I really love to write a novel, maybe someday I can be success as you x

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I don’t have any information for you. We agree it should be a film and it has many fans in the industry. These things sometimes take time. Best wishes on your writing!

  22. Cocolena says:

    Hey, Lissa
    I love your book Starters! I’m from Canada and i was just wondering when Enders is going to be released.

    • Lissa says:

      Enders is already out in Canada – the French version came out last year, the English one this year. Where do you live? My publisher is touring me – Toronto area and N.B. I love Canada, esp. Nova Scotia.

  23. Hey! do you know when starters is released in Canada! Please Reply Soon. Thank you!


    • when will Enders come to Canada libraries and stuff?

      • Lissa says:

        Enders should be in Canadian libraries now. But if it is not, just ask your librarian if you can request it. They often have forms for that and they are happy to order it for the library.

    • Lissa says:

      Yes, Enders should be in Chapters/Indigo physical stores as well as indie stores. I will be touring Toronto area and I have a big school event in St. John the end of this month, beg of May. Call your store and ask them if they have the book, that is the best way to find out. If they are out of stock, they will order.

  25. Britney says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say I’m in love with your books Starters and Enders! I read Enders in a day and I’m still in shock of how good it is. It’s absolutely breathtaking! I’m just wondering if you are writing another book to this sequel. That would be amazing! And maybe even turn this into a MOVIE!!!! Thank you!


    • Lissa says:

      Hi Britney, thanks for saying that, it means a lot. I can’t stop thinking about these characters and what can happen next, now that everything is new. So it is very possible there will be another book, perhaps a spin-off. However, nothing is official yet. Watch this site or my FB or Twitter for any news in the future. Thanks for writing.

  26. GiGi says:

    Hi Lissa!
    I was wondering if Starters/Enders were ever going to become a movie?

    • Lissa says:

      I am certain it will be. We had a lot of interest and I suspect sometime this year we’ll end up with partners and a deal we’re happy with.

  27. Eduardo says:

    Hi Lissa!

    I’m from Mexico, I just want to say: Your books are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I think you’re a great writer, I read Starters like one year ago, I was waiting a better sequel and you did it! Please tell me if you’re think in make another book? You should do it, because you didn’t tell us if Callie was in love with Michael o Hyden? Jajaja
    By the way, your book was my valentine’s gift from my boyfriend, and now I love him more… Jaja Because in Mexico is very difficult to find new american books!

    Thank you!!

  28. juju says:

    Hey Lissa!
    My name is Juju, and I’m from Canada. I am in grade 8. In school, for our literature circles, our group read starters and every week we had discussions about the book. I have to say that my group and I loved this book ! It’s really emotional at times and that’s what makes our discussions so great! We felt as if we knew Callie. Great job! This is truly the best dystopian novel I have read! I have a question; will there be a movie for starters or enders?

    • Lissa says:

      Hi there Juju!

      I just returned from a Canadian tour. What city is your school in? I love that you guys are reading Starters in your groups – please tell your teacher thanks from me. At this time, we do not have anything in place for a film; we have in the past. The book has a lot of fans though, all over the world, readers as well as people in the film industry, so I am confident that there will be a film at some point. Watch my site or twitter or fb for news.

  29. Book.lover says:

    Hello , Lisa and other people in this website . I’m from Greece and I would really like to know when Enders , are coming in my country . I’ve already read starters and I think it’s amazing , so if anybody knows when is it coming here please please tell me. Kisses 😙 🙂

  30. Bea says:

    Hi! Sabes si saldrá el libro en España?

    • Lissa says:

      Creo que va a ser más rápido para leer en Inglés. Anunciaré cualquier información en la página de Enders, extranjera. Gracias.

  31. Geanina says:

    Hello! I’m Geanina and I’m from Romania. I’m a big fan of these two books and i really want to know if a third book is coming. If it doesn’t,it should, because it’s a great story and i’m sure that there are a lot of people who wait for it. Would you ever come in Romania? Love your books,can’t wait to get an answer!

    • Lissa says:

      Hi Geanina,

      Thank you. It is very possible that a third book will be coming. Keep watching this site or Twitter for any news this summer. I would love to visit Romania someday. I once had a Romanian friend and she was so nice.

  32. Valentina says:

    Hi Lissa
    Vendrá el libro enders a sud america?

    • Lissa says:

      Lo siento, no lo sé. Si usted puede leer otro idioma además del español, que será más rápido de esa manera.

  33. Maria says:

    Hi Lissa,
    I’m from Spain. I’ve read tour book, starters, and I loved it, it’s one of my favorites. Since then, I’ve ben looking for Enders, but it seems to be unavalilable in Spain.. ):
    Do you know something? Sorry for my bad english, and thanks, for answering if you do, and for being a magnifical writter.

    • Lissa says:

      Sorry, no news there. I recommend readers who can handle the English to get it from the book depository online. They do free international shipping to most cities.

  34. hola lissa amo con mi vida starters tengo 15 años te admiro escribes muy bien soy de colombia y todavia estoy esperando leer enders eenn espanol

  35. mia says:

    Hi lissa

    I love your books so much. THe Enders is new in turkey.I bought it.And i will start tomorrow. 🙂 I am 14 years old.And i want to meet u. Will u go on a tour ? And will u come turkey ?

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you! Let me know how you like it.
      I was there in Instanbul, doing a big signing last year. It was fantastic. But it’s not on my schedule now. Maybe in the future, with another book. Love my Turkish publishers.

  36. Joan says:

    Hi Lissa!

    I adore both of your books, Starters and Enders, and have read them several times. At the end of Enders, I feel like being put at a cliff hanger. I desperately want to know if you are writing another fantastic book.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Lissa says:

      Hi Joan,

      Thanks for letting me know. I hope you’ve said that on Amazon?
      I don’t feel that Enders is a cliffhanger the way Starters was. But I do agree that I opened a new door. I have the third book in my head. As soon as I get my current project underway, I will work on that!

  37. Mia says:

    Hey Lissa,

    They are both such great books!

    I have read several of the posts, made by fellow fans, and was also wandering if you have decided yet to write another book.

    From the US,
    Mia S.

    • Lissa says:

      Hi Mia,

      Thank you so much!! I hope you’ve left a short review, even a few words, on Amazon? Yes, I am planning on a third but not until I get this current project underway. Email me through the form and I’ll send you bookmarks since you live in the US.

  38. Janet says:

    Hey 🙂 I’m from Czech Republic too.
    I love starters soo mouch. Please, when will this book in the Czech Republic for sale?!!!!!
    Thanks J.

    • Lissa says:

      Hi! Thank you. Don’t forget to give it a short review or stars on Amazon, etc. I will ask about the release of ENDERS there.

  39. Deymi says:

    Hi Lisa
    I’m from Mexico and I would love to know if there are some approximate date for Enders in Spanish. STARTERS LOVE! as soon as I finished the book locate the following but only found it in English: / and gave much sadness because really I have really wanted to read it and do not speak English 🙁 This comment was translated into Google translator lol I really CHARMING Starters! I am very anxious because Ender’s translated into Spanish. I have not yet read Ender’s but I would love to continue because the books are fabulous! Thanks. regards. Sorry for the translation but I do not speak English

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you so much! Gracias! At this point, I don’t have any new info for you, sorry. But follow me on twitter, fb, for any future announcements.

  40. Skyler says:

    Hey Lissa!

    I read and love both of your books, but I just have one burning question…
    For Callie’s love-sake, will it be Hyden or Michael???

    • Lissa says:

      That will probably be answered in a future book. Thanks so much. Let me know if you leave a review, even short, on a site like Amazon. If you live in the US, I will send you bookmarks for doing that!

  41. Lydia says:

    Hi, I love your books Starters and Enders so I was wondering, is Enders the last book, or is there going to be another one??? because there HAS to be one. I REALLY want to know what happens to Callie next and what happens at Dawson’s center place and what happens with Callie and Hyde??? please please please write another book because Starters and Enders are SO GOOOOD. 🙂

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you!! These characters will not let me go either and I do know where it goes. I am currently working on a few, different YA project that I am very excited about, but I do plan to return to a third book in the series after that.

  42. Hector Galvan Garcia says:

    Lissa your form to write Starters is fantastic i have my copy in Spanish i loved Callie and the story is unique, I live in mexico, i search Isabel Cluá she translate starters in spanish and she dont translate enders 🙁 , did you have her email or number beacause like many people in spain mexico colombia argentina and other contries want enders.
    Thank you for write starters i hope will be realased a movie and i will hope you be a great author 🙂

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you so much. I do not have any contact information, the publisher handled all those things. I agree with you and I hear from fans about this all the time. I suspect it will happen. Thank you for taking the time to write!

  43. Jan says:

    I know there were this questions before but no answer. Will the Enders be published in Czech republic? I am fan of Starters and I wait patiently but is there for something? In Poland was book published in March 2015 but for Czech republic there wasn’t an information of future publish. I take it that you don´t expect with us?

  44. Naty says:


    My mom and me we LOVEED you books. But unfortunately she doesn’t speak English and I was wondering if/when the Enders will be translated and published in Russian or Czech?

    Keep up the good work!!

  45. Paula Elias says:

    Hi Lissa!
    I adore both Starters and Enders but was wondering where I could watch the movie for them.
    Thank you!

  46. Mami says:

    Hallo, lissa
    I’m Japanese.And I read Starters 5years ago.
    I was so existed and moved.I have read Starters many time! I’m looking forward Enders Japanese vertion for 5years.
    Please release Enders!!

    • Lissa says:

      Hi and thank you. Best thing is if readers write or email the Japanese publisher and ask them. If you have a Japanese website where you can connect with other readers, ask others to do that too. Arigatou! I love Japan (ikebana!).

      • mami says:

        Thatk you for your reply!
        I searched these sites ,but I couldn’t find them.So I bought Enders English version last week and I got this today! My English skill is not enough to read completely, but I’m trying to read this.And I recommend this book to my friends,because I love this book! I’m looking forward to know about Carry’s later!

  47. Ana Harumi says:

    Hi Lissa!
    I’m from Brazil and I’m 17 years old. I just love Starters and Enders, this one I’ve just finished five minutes ago, and It’s incredible! The way you write It’s just amazing, I really want to become a writer someday, and your books really encouraged me to use my imagination and write again.
    So, please, tell me that will have anothes book after Enders to continue everything! I need another book! And please, make Hyden and Callie get togheter!
    I love your books. I love your characters (especially Hyden). And I love you, Lissa, who wrote this incredible book.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you so much, Harumi. I love my Brazilian readers, you guys are wonderful readers and I’m thrilled to hear that you will be writing. I’ve been working on an exciting secret project but it is very likely there will be another book. Great to hear you love Hyden! If I ever tour Brazil, hope to meet you.

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