STARTERS Film or TV Series?


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  1. Yay, I just did this! I would LOVE to see this book turned into a TV show or movie!!!!! I’m also very excited to hear about the other project you’re working on and hope to know more about it soon!

    1. Thank you so much! Don’t forget, anyone who wrote an endorsement can use the form on this website (“contact me”) to send their full mailing address for a signed bookmark. This is available right now even for international (but hurry as it won’t be forever). So grateful for everyone’s help!

      1. Just be patient – international mailing will take a while. But they are coming! Continue to spread the word to your friends please.

  2. I hope Starters will be a movie!!! <3 I love the novel so so much! And Lissa, you are amazing! *.*

  3. OMG! Lissa you are one of the bests writers in the world! I just loved your book and you deserve everything you want! Hope it becomes a movie! Love you so much and Brazil loves you too Xoxo.
    From a big fan!

  4. OMFG! ITS REAL? I NEED THIS FILM NOW!!!! I love so much this book, its amazing, u r amazing Lissa! Brasil be waiting, the world -i believe-, be waiting. We love your creation, your book, xoxo.

    1. Nothing official but wheels are moving. Thank you! Please go vote.

  5. The book was really really nice. I love it. I just hope that when it gets the chance to be in film, they won’t alter the story like some of the book-turned-to-film I’ve seen.

    More power to you, Lissa.

    1. I really appreciate hearing this, thank you.

  6. I am sooo excited for this!!! I really loved the books and hopefully it gets made into a movie. This is one of my fave books so seeing it get turned into a movie will be a dream cone true! I’m definitely gonna ask my friends to go and vote too! Love and support from The Philippines! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for voting and for spreading the word. Don’t forget, if you want me to mail you a bookmark, email me your full mailing address. It is still open and international is okay (for a change).

  7. Yes, of course be a film! If Starters be a film, I watch right now!!!! I will be happy if you do this. I hope this is confirm! I support you!

    1. So you went to the site? Be sure to email me your mailing address if you want the signed bookmark. Thank you!

  8. TA! This is really awesome, Lissa! A book like Starters definitely deserves to be a movie. You just can’t put it down. I’m very excited for the movie and the new project you’re working on. I’m sending the ravens to spread the word!

    1. Thank you so much, this means a lot! I am loving the comments on the IF page. Don’t forget to email your full mailing address if you would like a signed bookmark.

  9. I love your books. When they appeared in Romania’s Bookstores, I bought them immediately .
    I hope the movie will be even after the first volume. I supported and approved . Kisses

    1. Thank you so much! Don’t forget the blog post about the IFlist.

  10. Helloo ^_^
    This book should definitely a movie.
    It is the best book I have ever read!
    A fantastic story, full of excitement
    and adventure!
    Lissa Price was able to create a
    narrative that holds the reader from
    the first to last page!!
    I will love watching the movie
    based on the books <3
    I support you!! ^_^
    Kisses *-*

  11. Starters&Enders my life ! Lisa you are magician. And your S&E are The Magic Show. You are so talented. You are my fav author. I love you forever ∞

    1. Thank you so much! Magician, I’ll take that!

      1. I supported. I waiting a signed bookmark from you. I love you :))

        1. Thank you! Please remember, everyone who wrote a short endorsement on the Iflist site, send me your full mailing address in email. And when you get your bookmark, let me know. If you don’t get it in a couple of weeks, email me again please.

  12. I support you. That would be great. And a marker signed by you, gods. Please send me one.

    1. Saw it and your email with your address. Lmk when you get your signed bookmark!

  13. Hi , Wesley here como from Brazil, I like so much of this stories (i´m 34 old) and lovely to see this on TV screen!!

    1. Thank you, Wesley! If you posted on the Iflist, please email me.

  14. Hi ! Lissa
    I just read your end Enders and starter. i feel it end interruption in the last of Enders
    # I need book 3 right now ! ^^
    incredible ! I love it especially Starter and ender
    You are excellent ! I never read fun like this before and I hope it become the movie !

  15. I love this book i one of the best book that i read , this book make me feel a lot of feelings and i think that see this book on a cinema .
    i really enjoy your book love iu lissa <3

  16. My son was given this book to read for his 7th grade English class. We both read it and LOVED it! He asked me if it’s a movie so his question directed us to this site! Has there been any progress on the movie?

    1. Author

      Thank you so much and sorry for the late reply. I really enjoy hearing from readers like you two. Please tell him the pandemic has thrown a monkey wrench into the TV series, so we’ll see.

  17. Do you still have a plan to turn the book into a film or series? I am a fan of your work (I am from Brazil) and I think this work of art would go down well these days. I will even refer your book to my little YouTube channel.

  18. Author

    Hi Paullo,

    I love my Brazilian fans so much! Thank you for the mention on your YouTube channel. I agree. See the answer above your comment.

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