Some great foreign news for STARTERS


STARTERS is a bestseller in the Philippines!  Fans sent me this good news. And this one which appears to be the same announcement from a different book chain:

Thrilled to be with some of these amazing books.

And we went into a second printing in Holland, or as a Dutch fan said, “You sold out!”

The best news just came in this morning, in spite of a challenging economy due to the tsunami, Japan bought STARTERS!  It is a great publisher there, Shinchosha.  This means so much to me because I lived there for a couple of years and I know the teens (and more) will take to the concept.

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2 Responses to Some great foreign news for STARTERS

  1. Suzanne Gates says:

    Wonderful news, all of it! Selling in Japan is a terrific achievement, and it’s fun to hear you’ve gone into a second printing in Holland. I’m so happy for you (and for Callie, of course).

  2. nutschell says:

    Best news ever, Lissa! I’m glad Japan is finally on board. And of course you’d be a bestseller in the Philippines. We have good taste in books over there:)

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