So Starters is being published in 22 countries so far. Most of those were on board long before the book launched, which is unusual. It has already had great rollouts in the UK and Germany, and I just heard from a fan it’s unveiling in Spain.  I can’t wait until it hits all the countries, even Iceland!

I’m loving that readers around the world are captivated by Callie and her world. Like the fans in the U.S., they are so excited.  And the crossover – I always knew that teen girls and young adults would get it, but I’m thrilled to discover boys, 11 and up, teens, and adult males are big fans of Starters.

Please send me photos of the book in a foreign country and show it in the location!  I want to make a board somewhere of these images. You can be in it, or not, just give me permission if you are.

Thank you, world!


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  1. lola says:

    Is this a series? When is the next book coming out? I want to know what happens next…please email me back. LOVED the book and I’m craving for more. I’m sure Im not the only teen out there who wants a sequal or trilogy.

    • Lissa says:

      🙂 You are definitely not the only teen begging for the sequel! I am working on the second draft of it now. The second book ENDERS comes out Dec 11. I wrote a prequel short story (like 15 pages) from Michael’s point of view called “Portrait of a Starter.” It is available at all e-reader formats like Nook, Kindle, etc. And there will be another one in a couple of months that I am finishing up right now. Follow me on twitter at lissa_price and on fb at lissapriceauthor. Thank you for writing!

  2. Kriszti says:

    Hungarian release will be in June! and we can’t wait to read this book.
    As soon as the book will be in our hands, we will send a photo, I promise!

  3. Mada says:

    Do you know if Starters will be published in Romania too?

    • Lissa says:

      I don’t see it on my list – Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia and Turkey are the closest countries I see. I’d met some wonderful Romanian people, so I’m sorry not to see it on the list. Although since Indonesia was just added recently, perhaps Romania will come. Thank you for asking.

  4. Mada says:

    I hope it will be published soon. You are an amazing writter and I’m sure all the readers in Romania will love Starters ( I know I do 🙂 ).

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you! So how did you see/discover STARTERS?

      • Mada says:

        I found it on Goodreads :). I was looking for dystopian novels( I love them) and there was Starters. I absolutely loved the synopsis and now, after I read it, I love it all.

        • Lissa says:

          Wow, GR. I never go there and I always hope people don’t try to email me there. So then you ordered the UK version on Amazon?

          • Mada says:

            I’ve ordered it from Bookdepository :).
            I think all the amazing books are on GR and one of them is yours.
            Can’t wait to read Enders 🙂

  5. Mada says:

    I forgot to say I can’t wait for Enders 🙂 and I hope Starters will be at least a trilogy 🙂

  6. Maddy says:

    i love starters and can’t wait for enders! i also love portrait of a starter but i thought the second short story was supposed to come out already but i can’t find it 🙁 and i was hoping you can give me some tips how i can get it

    • Lissa says:

      Great! The second e-short is due out in July. It is all finished and in my publisher’s hands. If you go to maybe it will announce it. Also, you can post this question on their fb website, startersbooks on FB. I love this second story. It is twice as long as the first one. I’m eager to hear my reader’s responses. “STARTERS: Portrait of a Marshal.”

  7. Julia says:

    is this a trilogy?? i really really love this book it just like the hunger games… it’s alreday out on the Philippines last june.. I’ll post a picture of the book but i just dont know where?

  8. Sara says:

    Heei ! I really hope you will whrite the third book because i can’t wait ! I stayed 12 hours to read STARTERS and ENDERS ..and please belive me ..i can’t move on. I was marked after i read them …i love you , i love your works , i love your perception and your perspective … 🙂
    With love and compasion a girl who want to know more .

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