Back in town to see Hunger Games!

My wonderful publisher planned my tour so I would be back in LA to see the Hunger Games film with my friends, and to see my book trailer there before the film starts! Double excitement. In some theaters they are also giving away chapter samplers.

The tour was amazing. I signed at great indie bookstores and at chains like B&N. I spoke to auditoriums of 250-plus high school students and also middle graders. I was amazed at the ones who had already read the book and loved it. Lots of boy readers – 12 and up – teens, and then also adult males in the bookstores. This was something I hadn’t expected and I’m overjoyed.

In the various cities we also had a Random House hosted dinner event, held in a private room in one of the best restaurants in town. The Chicago one had just hosted Lady Gaga a few days before. I met amazing booksellers, librarians, school officials at these dinners and over great wine we talked about the book.

I have pictures, I’ll post some later. Lots of excitement now for the film rights. We have top tier producers who have come to us because they read the book and have a passion to make the film. I just landed last night so I’ll have a phone conference with three of my agents this morning to discuss the game plan. My main film agent will help me choose which producers can be assigned certain territories (think movie studio like Sony, Warner Brothers). Then the fun begins. This will all begin sometime next week while I’m back on tour in NY and as soon as I’m allowed to share news, I will do it here.

Thanks to all of you who have blogged for me, supported me and spread the good word!


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