Comic-Con 2013


Me with the talented Kami Garcia


The entire When Grrls Fall in Love YA panel: Moderator Sherri Smith, Veronica Wolff, me, Marissa Meyer, Holly Black, Veronica Roth and Ally Condie. Cassandra Clare was to be on the panel but had a family emergency and did not attend Comic-Con.

This doesn’t really give the scope of the audience – it was packed in 23ABC

photo (2)

Still, only part of the audience.

There’s always this point where I know the panel is almost over and I feel so relieved.


Our signing line area was packed with this rope line that snakes around. We all knew there were plenty of Divergent fans and we were glad to see them.

L1050089We played a game to win an Enders arc.



Because this is a sequel (and with a lot of surprises), my publisher made very few of these ARCs (advance reader copies). But we managed to convince them to give away ten here. They were covered with paper and each winner understood not to photograph the cover because would have an exclusive reveal in two days (see it here, along with an except of Enders).


When our hour of signing was over, we still had a line. So they repositioned them out the door, moved us over to the side where we continued.


The overflow signing.

photo (4)

The wonderful Holly Black (and blue)


Group photo (they told us to squeeze in which is why Veronica is posed like this). Everyone on our panel was terrific. YA authors are the best – very welcoming.


The signing after ours was mistakenly not listed in the online catalog (and not announced), so no one was in their line. This points out the importance of online listings as it was listed in the paper catalog. Marissa and I got to buy The Fifth Wave (love it) and get it signed by Rick Yancey, who was so friendly. Don’t miss a chance to meet him if you can.


My film agency had a fun private party – this is getting out of the elevator (where they had a wine table). It was in a private room inside a restaurant – great bar, appetizers, and friendly clients.

photo (6)

The Random House booth.

photo (5)

I walked the con floor.  It’s like this everywhere.

photo (1)

Had dinner with friends Leonard Maltin (who had just won the Inkspot Award) and his wife Alice. Here’s a shot of the fireworks over the water from my room. A great end to Comic-Con 2013.



  1. Awe, so jealous. Looks like so much fun. I’m such a nerd and would just love to go. One of these years! *crosses fingers*

    1. It is nerd heaven, no question. What is kind of frustrating is knowing that if you don’t want to get up at 2 or 3 am to get in line for hours, you won’t get to see the biggest events (like the GoT panel). But there is nothing quite like it, you must go one day!

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