I am really looking forward to this – what an amazing lineup. I’m going to be all fangirl – in a nice way.

●  Thursday, July 12, 2012  Comic-Con– San Diego, CA -3:00-4:00 Hungry for Dystopia’” With the skyrocketing popularity of The Hunger Games, dystopian literature has been creating major waves in the media. What attracts these authors to explore the concept of a totalitarian future that possibly awaits us all? Anna North (America Pacifica) leads the discussion with panelists Neal Shusterman (Unwind trilogy), Lissa Price (Starters), Paolo Bacigalupi (The Drowned Cities), Michael Grant (BZRK), Daniel H. Wilson (Amped), Gennifer Albin (Crewel), and Marie Lu (Legend trilogy). Room 25ABC  Tags: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Writers & Writing

Signing follows.



  1. I was wondering what part would you be in comic con, since there are a lot of aisle please , i totally want to meet you , im so happy i might go that day , i feel so lucky and thanks.

  2. Hi Nikki, it would be great to meet you too. All I know so far is our panel is
    Room 25ABC. We are going to all be at a signing right after the panel (approx 15 min later, so I guess we’ll be walking to a different signing area). At WonderCon, I signed at the Mysterious Galaxy booth, but I’m not sure how this one will work. Stay tuned and if I learn anything else, I’ll post it!

    Congrats on getting a ComicCon badge. I heard they sold out in three days.

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