Contest winner announced, and Red Cross Auction to win a query from me

First, this wonderful writer/blogger is running an auction through this weekend to support the victims of the storm, through the Red Cross. You can win a query critique (and a signed copy of Starters) from me. That means I will read your query letter that you will send to agents and give you advice on how to make it better. I am teaching this class at the La Jolla Writers Conference this weekend so I have been looking at a lot of recent, successful queries and I know what it takes to grab an agent’s eye.

If you are the top bidder, you can use this query crit this year or next, whenever you are ready. I will also throw in a follow up if you get offers from more than one agent. I will help you formulate questions to decide. We already have some bidders and after this workshop there might be more. Don’t lose out if this is something you need. Your donation not only helps you but also others and is tax-deductible.


Daisy Katherine Richeson is the winner of the side contest! Please email me (see ‘about Lissa’) and include your mailing address so I can ship the prize to you. I sincerely want to thank everyone for entering though, and do not be discouraged. I have already picked one more winner and may pick more winners from this list in the future. Even though the post is down, I have your information.

Also, those of you following me on Twitter will be eligible to win that way (I am delaying that contest as I have a conference and a deadline, but I will pick some before the year is out).

You are all wonderful. Thank you so much for your support. <3


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