Getting ready for SCBWI in Century City

I’ve gone to the Society for Children’s Book Writers Summer Conference three times before. It’s one of the biggest conferences, covering several floors of a large hotel, with wonderful authors, editors, agents and illustrators giving panels and workshops. They have a pro track, a state-of-the-market address, and always have at least one legend who gives a heartfelt talk that makes us cry.

I went, as a wannabe, and this year, I get to attend as a pre-published author!

Something else that has changed — for the first time ever in 40 years, they are sold out. No day passes. What does this mean?  I think more writers than ever are considering writing for the middle grade and teen readers, since most of the genres in adult fiction are not enjoying such healthy sales.

I’m taking this to be a positive thing. The more the merrier. More writers, more good YA that we all can enjoy. More crossover, more new readers of all ages reading our books.

I have a packed schedule these days, working on the rewrite of book 1, STARTERS, and planning book 2. But I have my registration, and I’m a real author (almost), so I’m going. I’m committed to continuing my writing hours, so this will be a good test of how well I write while at a conference.

Somehow, in between the parties and the workshops and the tears, I’ll make the time.


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  1. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you there! I don’t know if I’ll have the time to write though–all the sessions look really good. 🙂

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