New Contest – Dragon Necklace and a personalized ARC of STARTERS


UPDATE: We are very close now, just a handful of new followers to go. Be sure you don’t go against Twitter rules and create a new account to enter this more than once. I will have to check the last few followers to make sure. I have the final say on who the winners are.

UPDATE: I just got more ARCs. So I am adding one to this prize package!

I just ran a quick contest on Twitter and it was so much fun that I have another one going. The 1001 follower will win an inscribed ARC. I’ll also include this little dragon necklace that lights up (green to red), and five signed bookmarks.

AND — for you faithful followers who have already signed up, l will draw a random Twitter follower to win the same package.

If you’re international, I’ll still send, I’ll just omit the small round battery.

So get your friends to sign up if you’re already a Twitter follower.

UPDATE: Mariel from the Philippines was the 1001th follower and Nicole (Ebadventures) won the random drawing. Everyone else, be sure to go to Kami Garcia’s blog to try to win an ARC of STARTERS. That closes 2/11 and your odds are better there as last I checked, she had approved about 60 comments. Good luck!



  1. I just got my signed bookmarks today and they are so unique looking! I’m going to take them to the library to share them. Or maybe Barnes and Noble. Only bookstore around here. I would love to win sample chapters!


  2. Well, I just decided to add to this prize package, so get your friends to become twitter followers so we can get to 1001 soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad you like the bookmarks – I love the backside.

    1. Yes, you are the confirmed winner as the first 1001th follower! Congratulations! For everyone else, hold on because one more winner will be picked tomorrow.

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