‘Portrait of a Starter’ e-short out today – Valentine’s Day

Update: You can read more about how this story came to be at: http://leaguewriters.blogspot.com/  

This is the cover the e-short that comes out today. It is set in the world of STARTERS but is told from another character’s point of view. It’s a prequel, taking place right before the novel starts. It gives you an insight to Callie and Michael, and to something else – shhh – that you don’t have if you skip right to the novel (which you can’t really yet, because it’s not out for another month).

I will warn you, this is a short story, not a novella. It’s a quick read. http://www.amazon.com/Portrait-Starter-Unhidden-Story-ebook/dp/B006XWYCDA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1329207074&sr=8-1


I’ll probably blog more about this at www.leaguewriters.blogspot.com  on Thursday (my day to post).


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