Reno’s animal preserve

If you visit Reno, be sure to stop by the Animal Ark, a wildlife preserve where they rescue animals in need. Some of them are ex-movie actors, some have been found injured on the highway. This large, clean open area has generous enclosures and every animal was happy and healthy. Lots to see and a great organization to support.

Happy cougar

On the writing front, I turned in my rewrite for STARTERS! I have plenty of writing to do though. I’ll be pretty much only writing and eating and sleeping until March.

If you look to the upper right, you’ll see a “vote now” link. That will take you to a Goodreads poll for debut books. I’d appreciate a vote and a rating because I feel with my abbreviated schedule that I’m behind on publicity.  Thank you for doing this!



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  1. Foxes and cougars–two of my favorite animals! (Of course, I’m a second-generation BYU Cougar, so that may influence me a bit.) I didn’t know Reno had a wildlife preserve.

    I voted for you on Goodreads. You’ll have to let me know when you get ahold of some STARTERS cover art.

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