Scenes from Lisbon, Portugal, the Book Tour


So you saw the newspaper photographer shooting me in the previous post. This shot above is because someone suggested we document me with the book of each country, in each country. After this, I had a couple of newspaper interviews and then some blogger interviews in the hotel before heading out to the bookstore event.


Taken at the start of my bookstore talk. Even more people came as the hour went on, which was great because Starters had just published two weeks before this (they wanted to time the publication to my arrival). The bookstore manager was pumping his fist and I’m always happy when they are happy. My wonderful acquiring editor is sitting beside me. I spoke in English (“Don’t worry, they will understand you”) but she introduced me in Portuguese.

The crowd was great, they laughed in the right places, so they must have understood me.


This is the only country that changed the title, which is interesting – it’s called Destiny Interrupted. People asked me if I minded – not at all. It has to work in each territory and the editors there know that better than I do.


There was time earlier to fit in a little sightseeing! Tame peacocks roam the castle ruins, high on the hill in Lisbon.


This is the world-class aquarium. Doesn’t the building look like very sf?


My delightful Portuguese editor and the refined and soft-spoken head of the publishing house, gracious hosts that they were, took me out to a wonderful dinner after the signing. It was a Fado place, where they sang this very special kind of music, emotional and heartfelt songs sung by one person called a fadista, backed by guitars (Portuguese and classical). It was so moving and memorable, like nothing I’d ever experienced, and a perfect way to end this part of the tour.

Next stop, Italy.



  1. Portugal is gorgeous! You HAVE to visit Maderia Island! Funchal specifically. Ill be there celebrating NYE 2015. so, stop by and enjoy the party w/me and my Portugese family.
    I LOVED Starters and wish I retained a modicum of German so I could read Enders first ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Did ARCS go out? If yes they enjoyed first. Sometimes I wish ARCS wouldn’t go out for certain books. I’m sure Stephen King doesn’t have ARCS..lolz It build the suspense and momentum.
    Anywho, who is the famous socialite you had tea w/in Kyoto?
    I wish you posted pics of Africa. I want to go there sooooo bad!

    1. I have been to Maderia, just not this trip – beautiful! That sounds like an incredible NYE party, lucky you.
      Thanks for the kind words about Starters. My publisher is handling ARCs and I know what you mean about not wanting all the secrets out there. But the industry is very respectful of that. Oh, to be Stephen King and not have to worry about that. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I ever meet you in person and you promise not to tell, I’ll reveal the socialite.

      Africa is my favorite place to visit. I will post pics someday.

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