Starters reviewed in this Sunday’s LA Times!

I’m thrilled!  If you live in LA, take a peek at it!  (it’s for sale today) Otherwise, here is the link for the whole article:,0,6555933.story

A snippet:

“The only thing better than a terrific concept is one that is as well executed as “Starters.” Readers who have been waiting for a worthy successor to Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” will find it here. Dystopian sci-fi at its best, “Starters” is a terrific series kickoff with a didn’t-see-that-coming conclusion that will leave readers on the edges of their seats, waiting for the second and final book, “Enders,” which will be out this year.”

Okay, back to writing…

I’m back – So in the actual paper today I realized they used the British cover. It’s the same drawing but lacks the cool STARTERS logo that RH designed in blue and the wonderful quote from Kami Garcia. I don’t even know how they got that cover. The tagline for that one is fun, but I’d rather have LA readers see the cover they’d see in the bookstore. Still – I’m overjoyed at having this in the Sunday paper. Really, a lifelong dream come true.


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