The Last Costco Signing – Westlake Village


Thank you, Costco, and everyone who came out to see me.  Some of my friends decided to surprise me and make the long drive out to beautiful Westlake Village (which is the west Valley in SoCal with Malibu to the west).  When I arrived, I was thrilled to see the store had made this fantastic display.

First in line was a father of a reader in the Philippines who had been waiting since 10:30 am (3 hours) because he happened to be in the store and saw the poster. You can bet he got special swag!  I did a sketch in each book, as promised, which is easier to do at the Costcos because there we have two hours to sign.  I’m grateful and humbled to be there at all, as the previous authors were celebrity chefs and Carol Burnett.

A special shout-out to my STARTERS team angels and dear friends, who wore the t-shirts and assisted me there the entire time – Nutschell and Maiko.  Paul and Joan, thank you so much for your unwavering support and getting the word out (so happy to get the dvds of the launch), and Luke, I’ll get you back for the big surprise. Joann, looking forward to coming to your reading group in August. To all the newcomers, it was great to meet you.  I’ll be drawing the prize winners later tonight.



  1. Hi Lissa,My name is Arni,remember the guy who is first in line in your Costco book signing?my daughter Valerie was so excited when I told her that I was able to get her book signed plus some extra gift items from you…Again Lissa thank you for your kindness….More Power to you!..Godspeed!

    1. Hi Arni! She tweeted me and I told her what a lucky girl she is to have a great dad like you. Thanks for stopping by here!

      1. Lissa!.you now have a father and daughter tandem to recommend this beautifully written book(STARTERS),i became an instant follower after that COSTCO meeting.Valerie is so thrilled of my initiative to wait for you to sign her book that she keep on bragging about it….Lol!Again Thank You!

  2. Wow! I’m really glad that my fellow Filipinos (like Arni) like Starters!
    I’m also from the Philippines and have been a fan ever since the book came out.
    Can’t wait for Enders!

    More power, Lissa!

    1. Thank you for the nice comment, Miguel. Did you happen to see the STARTERS trailer in front of the Hunger Games movie there? It played there and the UK and certain cities in the U.S.

      ENDERS won’t be out until 2013 now, but “Portrait of a Marshal,” the 2nd e-short, will come out sometime in July on all e-reader formats. I’m very proud of this story. Thank you for stopping by.

      1. I don’t know if the trailer show up since i’m not a fan, But i’ll ask my sister.

        1. *I mean
          I don’t know if the trailer showed up since i’m not a fan of The Hunger Games, But i’ll ask my sister.

          My reply, nope. She did not see the trailer.. sorry

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