So I’m really back now. My current draft of ENDERS is with my editor. We agreed I’d get at least one more look at it, so it isn’t done yet. And then once we’ve settled on the draft we want, it goes through a few rounds of copyedits. I’m grateful to have these pros. My mother in law mentioned how many of the novels she reads have errors. And these are mysteries put out by traditional publishers.

The pub date of Enders has not been set yet, but it will be sometime in 2013. I will announce it here as soon as that has been decided. The month will be chosen by my publisher after taking into account some other good news that is still seekrit.

I have been working on Enders 24/7 for so long, not going outside other than to my writer’s group meeting, so my agent suggested I take a day off after I turned it in. But I had agreed to do a school visit and bookstore event that very day. It was 95 degrees and my car’s a/c decided not to work.

But the students were great. Smart questions and lots of them. And the one thing that excited them the most was that I had a free app from my Random House UK publisher called StartersBook that when you point it at the UK cover, it activates some special effects and then plays the book trailer. For some reason, Random House cannot do this in the US. I’m sure it has to do with our cell phone carriers.

If you need a Starters fix, there are the e-shorts set in the world of Starters: “Portrait of a Starter” and “Portrait of a Marshal.” The first one is only 16 pages, the second one is twice that long. The links are to the right. I am starting the third and last one tonight.

On Thursday, you might want to hop over to leaguewriters.blogspot.com to read about my Chicon experience. Drop a short comment there so I’ll know you visited.



  1. Ok, I have just finished reading STARTERS and I can only say OH MY GOD!
    Lissa Price, you’re a GENIUS!
    You are my hero!
    Oh my God!
    I am shocked!
    Oh my God!

    1. Thank you! Write me at lissapriceauthor (the at sign) gmail.com Good things come of it.

  2. Hi Lissa, I’m from Brazil! I just finished to read STARTERS! OMFG! You’re awsome! Just got into my favorite books. I can’t wait for Enders *uuuuuuuu* Do you have any idea when ENDERS will be released? . I heard some rumours that will be in DECEMBER. Can you say 2 me [and all the fans] if it will be before or after december? love ya ! <3

    1. Hi! I <3 my Brazilian fans so much! Thank you. It definitely will be after Dec.But it is going to vary depending on what country you're in. I don't know about Brazil, but I am hearing things like maybe March for some European countries. Don't quote me, nothing is official, okay? <33

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