Any tickets to World Fantasy Con San Diego?

First, what do I love about Germany? The best stuffed animals in the world… beautiful tin toys… my camera, and my car, with that sweet steering that makes driving in LA fun.

And… it is one of my biggest foreign territories! The Germans are wonderful readers, someone needs to figure out why that is, but most authors say their books sell better there than most other non NA territories. I heard from my German publisher the other day and I’m so excited. I can’t share any news until they tell me, but I’m thrilled they won their region.

He brought up the possibility of meeting at World Fantasy Con in San Diego later this year. I would love to go, but I’m only on the waiting list. They are full. So I am looking for a ticket (technically called a membership) to buy from someone who can no longer attend. If you hear of anyone, please send them here to my “about me” page so they can email me. I will not only reimburse, but I’ll find a way to add something special. I don’t know when I’ll get the first arcs or how few I’ll get (I don’t think it is many), but I’ll set aside one precious copy and sign it to that person. Because I really should be at this convention. It’s just months away from STARTERS’ debut.


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  1. Hi Lissa,

    I have a WFC membership that I will now not be able to use due to a wedding conflict. Will happily transfer it to you at cost! Ask Wendy how to get hold of me!


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