The best in historical fiction

I spent the weekend in San Diego at the Historical Novel Society Convention. Some wonderful writers of historical fiction were there: Susan Vreeland, Harry Turtledove, Cecilia Holland, Diana Gabaldon. This is the kind of group that can get in a spirited discussion over something that happened a LONG time ago.

If you’re wondering why I went to this one, I’d signed up for it before my book sold, back when I could imagine that I might write something set in another time period (with fantastical elements, of course). Now that I know my schedule for the next two years (and it’s packed), I don’t have time to fit in that period piece. But I still enjoyed listening to the speakers and meeting a variety of authors.

As my friend said, “This is a really smart bunch.”

Really, if you’re at all interested in historical fiction, look for their conventions. Every other year, the venue is overseas, so next year it will be London.


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