Appearances in Southern Calif this Weekend

On Saturday, Sept 22, from 2-5, I’ll be at Barnes & Noble Americana for Rising Stars, a group of YA authors sponsored by Bridge to Books.

If you’ve never visited Americana, it’s a wonderful outdoor shopping area, with fountains and outdoor cafes. This Barnes & Noble has a great balcony overlooking the courtyard. With eight authors total, you’ll probably discover someone new.

Then, at 7 pm, I’ll be at the wonderful Once Upon A Time Bookstore in Montrose with three of my favorite LA authors — Marie Lu, Scott Speer, and Jennifer Bosworth. We all write YA about a future LA. And we’re all pretty visual. Scott is a film director, whose first feature just came out recently, Jennifer’s husband is a director and special effects genius, and Marie works in computer graphics and games. So we all have great trailers and they’re going to be projected at the store. Montrose is a charming street in northern Glendale, often used in filming, with cafes nearby. With the warm weather, this should be perfectly balmy.

So consider coming out to one or both of these events to party with us and meet new YA authors.



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