Auction Link for Mega Starters Pack including the UK edition (special)

Teenreads (see post below) has a deadline of Feb 13th, noon EST, so please get your nomination in if you haven’t yet.


I went nutty an donated a mega pack of STARTERS goodies to a great cause. So any winning bid is tax deductible. One Starters first edition hardback, personalized to you or a friend or school or just signed if you wish, AND an audio CD set of the book to listen in your car or to give away, a hard to find (in the US) UK edition of Starters. This is fun because they can do something special there – if you point your smartphone to the cover, and you’ve downloaded the free app, your phone will play the trailer. This causes teens to squeal with delight. Due to our cell phone regulations, my publisher is unable to recreate this on the US cover, so it will be very special to have this copy, also signed/inscribed. You can amaze teens in cafes, at parties, or as bribes to get them to do their homework.

Also in this package are signed bookmarks, postcards, a readers guide and a collectible chapter sampler. Yes, I said mega! If you’re a blogger, this could be a great giveaway for you. I would really like whoever gets this to not resell any part on ebay. US only as the shipping is on me and my mailing human hates to fill out forms.



  1. Hello,
    J’ai adoré Starters
    Enders va sortir quand en France ?
    Merci !

  2. Thank you guys for the heated bidding! There is still time as I believe this goes through next week.

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