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Today we have an exclusive interview with the lovely Jennifer Bosworth, author of the debut YA novel, STRUCK, which just came out on May 8.  

What’s the one question nobody ever asks you in an interview that you wish they would?

If you were to start your own cult, what would it be like?  Oh, how I wish someone would ask me this question. My cult would be a feel-good, neo-hippie, artists’ colony. We would (sort of) live off the land, the women would wear prairie dresses, and we’d have sing-alongs at night. In this fantasy, I am an expert fiddle player and yodeler.

Yeah, maybe it’s better that no one has asked me this question.

You have the most amazing book trailer that I was stunned to find out your husband made. Tell us more about that.  How long did it take to make, did he do all the post work, what camera was used?

First of all, thank you! Considering how much work went into making the trailer, it’s great to know it’s making an impression.

I wrote the trailer, and them my husband and I produced and shot it over three days in Los Angles, using the RED camera. The shoot was incredible. I have to admit, after working on STRUCK for so long, I was kind of sick of it, but watching it come to life reignited my love for the characters and the story.

My husband directed the trailer, but he has an extensive background in post and VFX, so he both edited the trailer, and then got to work on creating an entirely digital Los Angeles so he could then destroy it. The entire process, from start to finish, took about four solid months.

For a more in-depth look at the making of the trailer, you can watch this STRUCK featurette:

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?

I have sooooo many. Right now, it’s The Next Food Network Star. I get obsessed with competition shows like this one. Top Chef, Chopped, and Project Runway are other favorites. There’s something intensely satisfying about watching another person’s creative process.

Tell us about your screenwriting career.

I don’t know if it would call it a career since I’ve never made a dime off it. But I do enjoy screenwriting. I decided to try my hand at it about 6 years ago, when I’d begun to realize it would be harder than I thought to break into publishing. I figured screenwriting would be easier, simply because screenplays have fewer words. But learning about screenwriting was actually what taught me how to be a good novelist.

The reason I don’t focus more on screenwriting is because I don’t like the business side of it, and I definitely don’t like writing screenplay after screenplay that will never be produced. That’s like an architect spending her whole career drafting blueprints for buildings that will never be made. It’s VERY hard to get anything produced in Hollywood. A lot of screenwriters make their living on getting screenplays optioned, or by writing on assignment, which means you don’t get to have much control of what you write. I’ve never liked having anyone else tell me what to do, so that doesn’t work so well for me.

But . . . the kickass thing about having a director husband is that we get to work on projects together, which we then produce and he directs. I like being on set. I want to write screenplays, but I don’t want my involvement to end there. I like casting. I like producing. I like being involved in the whole process. It’s a nice break from sitting behind a computer all of the time.

Currently, I’m working on three different screenplays for my husband, which we hope to produce and which he will direct. If you want to see some of our short films, visit my website.

What’s your favorite movie (or some of your favorites)?

So many to choose from. I’ll give you a range:

Favorite horror movie: Carrie

Favorite bad movie: Flash Gordon (80s version)

Favorite Disney Movie: Watcher in the Woods

Favorite Film Franchise: Indiana Jones

Favorite Film about writers: Wonder Boys

Are you afraid of lightning?

Nope! I love it! But I’ve never been struck by lightning, so I might sing a different tune if I were.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I’ll be joining the Fierce Reads tour in June, with authors Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone), Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14), and Anna Banks (Of Poseidon). To see if we’ll be coming to a bookstore near you, check out the Fierce Reads Facebook page.

I hope my readers will get a chance to meet you on tour.  Thank you, Jennifer, for being here.

For the readers, Jennifer is generously giving away a copy of her new book (see link to the right) to one winner here. Just check out the giveaway form below.  This will run to June 30th. U.S. Only!

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UPDATE: the winner has been picked randomly by rafflecopter and I am emailing them today!


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