STARTERS in the Christian Science Monitor

This Monday’s Christian Science Monitor’s Magazine will have a short piece on book trailers and chose to begin it with STARTERS. They also used a still from our trailer to illustrate it.  The writer saw the trailer when he went to THE HUNGER GAMES film and remembered it for this article. We did a phone interview and if you’ve never done an interview, it’s about talking for twenty minutes to have it distilled to one short sound bite that might sound a little… odd… taken out of context. But hey, being a writer, I’m probably too picky about my words.

One of my writer’s group is an ex-journalist and I have a lot of respect for the profession. There is so much work that you don’t see behind each piece.

Anyway, I’m thrilled they picked STARTERS, to be in a paper with such a wide readership. The photo shows you how the magazine will look, but you can read the article via this link here:!-video



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