Big Posters of Starters/Enders in Malls

In select cities, you can see these. If you take your own picture of one, with or without you, and tag it (@Lissa_Price on twitter, #lissaprice on fb, send me an email if it’s on your blog), you will receive an entry to win the iPad Air that is part of the Enders pre-orders contest.  And one winner will get a $20 gift card to a bookstore.

Great Mall DB05Prime Outlets Orlando DA06Paramus DB07These are a few of them. For clues on the cities and malls, go to my FB page.



  1. Hi Lissa, how are you?

    I just finished reading Enders. Just loved it. The story is addictive. Almost read at once. I’m a blogger in Brazil so I had access to the manuscript. Soon publish review on my site.

    Big kiss, I’m your fan.

    1. Love hearing that! Yes, please email or tweet me the link – looking forward to it soon!

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