Costco signing this Saturday

I will be signing STARTERS this Saturday from 1-3pm at the Los Angeles Costco at 2901 Los Feliz Blvd. That’s near the Tam O’ Shanter and Mimi’s restaurants, at the edge of south Glendale. This is how Costco tests the waters. If the signing goes well, then they will carry your book. So it means a lot to a debut author.

I’m doing a giveaway that you don’t have to stay for and I’ll also do special sketches inside each book, something I haven’t done before. There hasn’t been any pre-publicity about this signing, so I need your help to spread the word – via twitter, FB, blogs, emails, and just word of mouth. It will be the only L.A. signing for STARTERS so I’m bringing the special swag. We’ll get people in as guests if they don’t have a card, just let me know.

Thanks for any help. The book, which is now an international best-seller, is getting fans from 12 and up, boys as well as girls and plenty of adult crossover. But people need to know I’ll be there. Any ideas for other ways to publicize, email me.



  1. so, so, so excited!!!!!!

    that’s right net to my gramma’s house, and i’ve been to the tam o’shanter a lot…

    can’t wait, i will so be there!!!! i lOVED this book!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad! I’m doing special sketches in the books (this is new), I have swag, and there will be a giveaway of something fun. I’ll have people put their email on a card and I’ll draw it at the end. I can email the winner so no one has to stick around for that. I can’t wait to meet you – when you come up, tell me who you are, that you posted on my site! This is my only LA appearance.

  2. Events like this are what I enjoy attending. Although I will have to miss this one at Costco, I will definitely have to find you at Comic-Con in July!!! I am so excited about STARTERS!!!! I, first, saw you at WonderCon in Anaheim at the panel with Kami Garcia, Andrea Cremer et al. Enjoyed every minute of it. Since the RT Booklovers Convention, Teen Day, I got so excited that we, readers, are able to meet our favorite authors and new authors. Being a reader, I love passing it on to my daughter. I am so spreading the word… Best of Luck on tomorrow’s book signing.

    1. I’m sorry I’ll miss you tomorrow, but look forward to seeing you in July! That WonderCon panel was SO much fun – what a great group of authors. Mothers like you, passing the love on to your daughter is what the world needs more of. Thanks for telling everyone!

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