Dinner with Book Clubs

A wonderful friend, Joanne MacCallum, hosted a fun evening where I spoke to her two book clubs. Emily Corliss is a Cordon-bleu chef, usually cooking at Mozza in Newport, but occasionally lending her talents to private functions. She made all the amazing food you’ll see in the photos below. Joanne is a busy interior designer and you can get a sense of her talents by the incredible tables she arranged.


Yes, that’s an old typewriter and she put in the first page of my book. Love!





I loved meeting the book club members. One (an Ender) told me that she’d never read a YA book before mine. I was relieved she loved it or all YA authors could blame me for ruining everything for everyone else.

jmcbookclub6My friend Joan helped by taking photos and my friend Heather’s husband, Devan, served as technical assistant (he’s really a doctor). Thanks to the hard-working and talented MacCallum family for hosting this memorable evening!

Chef Emily Corliss can be reached at emilycorliss then the at sign aol.com if you wish to contact her for a personal chef inquiry in Southern California.


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