Getting ready for Renovation

I soon leave for Worldcon 2011, in Reno this year. This is a major science fiction convention for writers, readers and fans. George R.R. Martin is one of many top writers speaking. He’s giving several talks on the writing process and you can bet I’ll be there.

Why am I off to another conference?  I had planned this one long before my first book sold.  And a few months ago, it looked like the timing would work out well anyway. As it stands, I’ll now be lugging the 17 inch Powerbook and writing in my room in the mornings and evenings. Which is good, because I need to learn how to write when traveling. I just came off several intense 15 hour days of non-stop writing/rewriting, so I’m very happy about how the rewrite is coming. I’ve deepened the world-building, and found it much like adding cream to coffee — richer and way more satisfying.

I’m looking forward to meeting some great writers, as well as seeing my up-and-coming writing buds. Back soon with a report.  Expect it to have feathers and swords and dragon’s teeth, mixed with steampunk, time travel, and alternative worlds.



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