Renovation – Worldcon 2011 – Science Fiction and Fantasy and George R.R. Martin take over Reno

This is the amazing George R.R. Martin, author of many novels, including the series behind the HBO GAME OF THRONES. We were treated to a reading of an upcoming chapter, a work in progress. The chapter ended with a character making a reference to a battle. He explained that he hadn’t written that scene, it just came up as he was writing that chapter. But he knows his readers will want to see that scene, so he wondered where should he add it? Should he show the scene before this chapter, or after? Or should he insert it somewhere in the middle of this chapter?

This is the author’s mind at work and it was fun that he gave us a peek look into the process.

At another time he showed the episode he wrote for GAME OF THRONES, stopping the DVD to comment. He explained something that puzzled me when the episode aired, an odd and slightly Monty Pythonesque moment where, in moment that felt like it was leading to something weighty, men brazenly appear coming over a hill — walking. George explained that the horse budget was cut.

More about the magic of Renovation soon…



  1. What character was it?? What battle?? I just finished ADWD and I’m desperate!!

  2. “George explained that the horse budget was cut.”

    That is one of the best explanations for television weirdness I’ve heard in a long time.

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