Harlan Ellison Gives Me “Loves” (Hot Dog)

The brilliant writer Harlan Ellison did his second speaking engagement at the Cinefamily theater. Before that, he gathered with friends and followers and his beautiful wife Susan at the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs. Pinks had presented him with four dogs that spelled out “Pink’s… Loves… Harlan… Ellison”). When we chatted, he gave me the one you see above. I’ll treasure it always. Or, at least, the photo.

Here he’s being interviewed by Josh Olson, the screenwriter of the amazing film,  History  of Violence  with Viggo Mortensen.

For the second half, the truly funny Patton Oswalt (Young Adult)  took over the interview duties and cracked up the audience and Harlan. A wonderful night all around because no one tells a story like Harlan.


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