Hypable nominates Starters as Favorite Debut Book – go vote!


Hypable.com nominated Starters as one of ten debut YA books for 2012! It’s a fast vote, you don’t have to vote for all the categories so you can get in and out quickly. Note that you can only vote once on this one!

Ends Wed, Dec 19th so do now. If you comment here, I will keep comments hidden and you’ll be entered in the MTV CD audio or book contest with a bonus entry.




  1. just voted, but i’m not too sure if the poll is over…it took my submission and i couldn’t find anything on the winners, so here’s hoping it still works.

    loved starters. i read it, then came on this site to see about the 2nd one, and saw she was doing a book signing at a costco near my grandparents the next day! i couldn’t believe my luck! i normally find out about signings the day AFTER they happen!

  2. I’ve kept the comments private on the contests, but I approved yours to show because I’m not clear if they are still taking votes too. So I guess it’s worth a try.

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