If you bought STARTERS in April…

I’ve got a special promotion where I’ll send you a personalized bookplate if you bought STARTERS during the month of April. I’ll also include some swag. Just look for my email on the “about Lissa/contact page” and send me a pic of your receipt and your mailing address. If you can’t find your receipt, a pic of your hand holding the book in your home will be fine. Kindle or hardback is fine but US only please.

For the foreign buyers, see if you can access the free app “Starters book” from the app store.




  1. That’s so generous of you .. I really wish I lived in the US 🙁 .. I bought a hardback copy of your book and I can’t wait to start reading it !!

    1. Did you buy the French version? Exciting. Does it look very much like the US cover?

      1. Nope I actually bought the US version and it looks gorgeous .. But I saw the French version in a store and it looks awesome too, yeah it looks a lot like the US verion =)

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