I accidentally ordered two of these and decided to give one away. It’s fun and has some good recipes in it. For your HUNGER GAMES collection… or your cookbook collection. Plus a fun package of swag for STARTERS. It’s heavy, a hardback, so US only please. ย Runs through April. (PLEASE NOTE: THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED. SEE MORE CONTESTS ON THE CONTEST PAGE)

Leave me a comment and give yourself a point if you:

1. signed up to like me on FB ( (either now or before)

2. follow me on twitter Lissa_Price (either already following or a new follower)

3. have seen the trailer for STARTERS on youtube

4. saw the STARTERS trailer before THE HUNGER GAMES movie

5. own the book, STARTERS (hardcover or e-book)

6. reviewed it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or another bookseller’s site (1 pt per site)

7. have downloaded and used the free app for the STARTERS book

8. have played the STARTERS free FB game (go to www.facebook/startersbooks)

So list as well as add up your posts in your comment because they will help your chances. And may the odds…. (well, you know).




  1. Finished the book in 1 day and loved it. I guess I get a point for owning the kindle edition & another point for liking you on FB. Off to watch the trailer.

  2. HAHA I got 4 points! I did see the trailer first before the Hunger Games movie.. Awesome!! Btw, I’m only on chapter 2 but I’m already immersed in your book.

    I DON’T WANT the cookbook though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. What city and movie theater were you in? Thanks for the nice words! I won’t enter you for the cookbook, but if you get drawn, I’ll send you swag.

      1. Awesome thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you wouldn’t recognize the city I’d say since we are in two different countries! HAHA, it was in Eastwood in Quezon City, Philippines.

        The movie was great but I felt like the book was better. (Isn’t it always?) There was one scene there that was apparently really scary because the guy (or gay) beside me suddenly shook. At first I thought it was an earthquake, but yeah, it was just the dude beside me. It was hilarious!

        1. Interesting that the trailer showed in the Philippines, thank you for the support and for letting me know! You’ll be the only foreign entry (partly because it’s not really foreign and partly because you don’t want the book). Just mentioning that for other contestants.

          1. I think I get an additional two points? For having a review (B&N, Goodreads and Netgalley) and playing the game ๐Ÿ™‚

            Also, what I meant to say was that I saw the Starters trailer before the Hunger Games movie. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  3. Oh this is awesome!
    SO I get a point for having the book (kindle baby). Another 2 points for already liking you and following you on facebook and twitter. Another for watching the trailer on youtube (many times it gives me chills). 2 points for reviews at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (also goodreads if it counts). Finally 1 point for playing the game. I haven’t played very much but I checked it out and keep meaning to go back (got side tracked with a book or two hehe). So grand total is 7 points! Whoohoo.

    Glad you like your copy could you tell us what your favorite recipe is?

  4. 5 points! I like you on FB, follow you on Twitter, have seen the trailer on YouTube, own the book, and have played the Starters game on FB. (:

  5. 1 point for becoming a fan on Facebook

    1 point for following you on Twitter

    1 point for seeing the trailer on Youtube (that’s what made me google you)

    1 point for owning the book (just bought it on my kindle)

    1 point for playing the game

    So a total of 5 points!

    My fingers and toes are crossed. Thank you for the opportunity.

    I LOVED the Hunger Games and I’m already totally addiction to Starters!

  6. i love this!! ok so i guess that gives me 1 point for already liking you on facebook, 1 for following you on twitter, 1 for watching the youtube trailer, 1 because i bought the book, 1 because i have and use the app (i love free apps!!), and 1 because i played the game on facebook. i think that gives me a total of 6 : ) yay!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! I saw the Hunger Games movie and it was awesome.
    i like you on facebook and have seen your book trailer on youtube so its a total of , wow, 2 points.

  8. I want to know why I keep hearing that people saw trailers for Starters and Insurgent before The Hunger Games. I saw the movie at two different theatres and didn’t get a single book trailer! I feel gypped.

    1 point for already liking you on facebook
    1 point for already following you on Twitter
    1 point for the trailer on YouTube
    1 point for owning your book

    4 points!

    1. I know! The STARTERS trailer only played at certain theaters in certain cities. And I believe it was focused on the opening weekend for THE HUNGER GAMES, although I heard reports of people seeing it later.

      The book just came out in the UK a few days ago. I heard people were seeing the trailer there, which was a nice surprise. And it has been seen in the Philippines, I guess because that is a US territory technically.

      Thank you everyone, for the support!

  9. I’ve got five points. :3 I liked you on facebook, I’ve followed you on twitter before (@koolkatkiara), I’ve seen the book trailer on youtube, I saw the book trailer before the hunger games movie, and I own the book! (:
    They actually didn’t play the trailer in the theaters when I went to see it, but I was secretly hoping to see it when I went. Starters is one of my favorite books though, so I’d love to win some swag. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I didn’t even know there was a Hunger Games cookbook, but it looks fantastic! I’m sad I didn’t see the Starters trailer before The Hunger Games movie, but I’m stoked to read the book!
    I have 3 points for Liking you on Facebook, following you on Twitter, and seeing the Starters trailer on YouTube. =D

  11. 1 point for being a fan on Facebook
    1 point for following you on Twitter
    1 point for seeing the trailer on Youtube
    1 point for owning the book

    Plus I met you at Anderson’s book store and you signed it. It was a great night and a pleasure meeting you. The trailor on youtube is awesome. I like Starters better than the Hunger Games so im really hope it’ll be a movie too!

    4 points

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciated the support at Anderson’s, it was great to meet you too. What a great bookstore!

    1. Gail, what’s your last name or initial? I’m not seeing a Gail on the FB likes (or maybe if you just did it, it hasn’t show up yet). Don’t forget, you have to “like” the page, not a particular post. Thanks!

  12. 4 points for me. I own the book but haven’t started it yet, I cannot wait until I’m finished what I’m reading now because its next!! =)

  13. I’ve been DYING to read Starters! GREAT cover! thanks for the HG Cookbook giveaway!
    3 pts. TOTAL
    1- for facebook
    1- for twitter
    1- for watching the trailer (I pinned it on pinterest too! ;^) )

    1. Oh, wow, can you do that? (put trailers on pinterest?) – Great, thank you! Worth another point at least.

  14. 3 points for me. I follow you on twitter, I have watched the trailer and I own the amazing book!!!

  15. 7 points!

    1. Liked on FB
    2. followed on twitter
    3. Seen trailer
    4. Own the book
    5 & 6. Reviewed on Amazon and B&N
    7. Downloaded app

  16. I have done 7 out of 8 on the list! I’m not quite sure how to use the Starters app yet… The game is cool!

  17. Liked on Facebook.
    Following you on twitter.
    Seen the trailer on YouTube
    Own the hardcover STARTERS book
    Have and used the app! (have it five stars as well)
    Played the facebook game.
    And I saw it before the hunger games (during a commercial on channel one news)

    So that’s 7 points!

    1. Thank you for the support! What do you mean you saw my book trailer before the Hunger Games during a commercial on ch one news? What city?

  18. 1.liked you on facebook
    2.followed you on twitter
    3.seen the trailer (awesome btw)
    4.saw the trailer before Hunger Games (still havent made it to see that geez lol)
    5.own the book (it is a ARC I received to review hope this counts)
    6.posted my part of my original review from to Amazon and Goodreads.
    7.Wasn’t sure what app you meant sorry…
    8.Played the FB game (found the case files I unlocked very interesting)

    so I was able to do all but one.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it all counts. There is a free app when you go to the app store on your mobile device called STARTERS BOOK. You can pick different little animations to play on the cover. I know it works for iphone and ipad, not sure about other devices.

  19. -I liked you on FB
    -I follow via twitter
    – have seen the trailer for STARTERS on youtube
    -I reviewed it on Amazon, and B&N

    I really enjoyed Starters and OMG that cover I love it. I can’t wait to read Enders. Also I had no clue there was a Hunger Games cookbook and i’m always experimenting with food in the kitchen so thanks for the chance to win!

  20. I know you probably won’t ship to the UK but I followed you on Twitter, saw the trailer before The Hunger Games on the first night the film was out, I then brought your book and love the app and so do my children. I have liked you on facebook, I have started the book but am also supposed to be reading 18 books to review for the UKLA book awards so I have not finished it yet but do love it. My son would love The Hunger Games cookbook and I would love the bag of swag. I know I am too old but I always try to read the books my children will read or the children I am teaching are reading.

    1. Thank you so much for your support! You’re not too old. I am thrilled to discover I already have many adult fans. Germany put a cover that speaks more to the adult crossover even though it is the launch for their new YA line. I was told by someone big at my publisher that even Enders will be reading my book and at the time, I didn’t believe her. But now I’m seeing it.

      Yes, this contest says US only, the book is so heavy, sorry. But because of your great support and the fact that you are a teacher, I’ll make an exception and mail you swag overseas (something I don’t do). My email is on this site, send me your info. Also tell me there if you discovered STARTERS via that trailer that you saw?

  21. 3 points. But I also went to your book signing in HB. Does that get me another point? And I have Starters as a hardcover AND an ebook! That’s worth a least a Supertruffle. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Those are definitely Supertruffle points, I agree! Thank you for the support!

  22. Loved Starters. I even told my mom it was better than the Hunger Games and she said she didn’t believe it, but I definitely do!
    Liked you on fb. (1)
    Saw the trailer for Starters (1)
    Saw the trailer before the Hunger Games movie (1)
    Own the book and 1st short story. (2)
    Reviewed Starters on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and BAM (books a million) (3)
    Have downloaded (I think) the free app for Starters (1)
    Have started to play the fb game (1)
    For a total of 10 points.

  23. A winner was drawn tonight (the more points you had, the better your odds) and the winner is….

    April Kirkland! Thank you, everyone for playing. You’ll see there is a new contest starting May 2 for a lot of prizes from YAmazing Race and a side contest here for a new, signed copy of STARTERS – international okay!
    April, please email me (see the contact page) with your mailing address asap.

  24. Thanks Lissa! I emailed you my info. :o)

  25. YAyyyyy!!! Ok, so overall I got 4 pts.

  26. Got 5 points follow u on twitter downloaded and used the free app for the STARTERS book ,STARTERS trailer before THE HUNGER GAMES movie
    own the book, STARTERS (hardcover) ,downloaded and used the free app for the STARTERS book,seen the trailer for STARTERS on youtube

  27. Erin, thanks for joining. This contest ended months ago (see top). I do run other ones and try to put them on the contests page but when I get busy you’ll see them on twitter or fb. I often RT someone else’s contests on twitter and sometimes they are international, so look out for those!

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