Surprise Contest results – And a New STARTERS Contest

Thank you everyone, for joining me on twitter, fb, writing reviews, clicking tags and telling your friends about STARTERS. Stay with me, because I will have more contests, sometimes announced on twitter or fb. And sometimes here. For instance, you’re going to want to read this entire post.

The lucky winner drawn is…  Leeanna!

Happy news, I was so impressed by all of you and your kind words, that I decided to give another book away.  And that winner is…. Christina a reader of fictions!

And then, you guys were so good, I went for  one more, one last winner — Aik!  All winners, please email me your full name and mailing address. (see “about me”)

I might just pick another winner sometime in the future, if you’re still around.  And, if any of you are going to be at any of my signings in Southern Calif or Oregon or Chicago (maybe Vancouver), please let me know ahead and I’ll bring special swag for you.

In fact, you are the first to know, I’m holding a twitter contest to get over 2000 followers. So the way it works, a current Twitter follower will have to recruit a new follower. The first one who hits 2005 (screen capture) AND their friend who was already a follower (as of now, May 8, 10:30 pm Pacific time), will each win a new, personalized (only) hardback first edition of STARTERS!  This one is US only.

Thank you all so much!



  1. Congratulations to ALL the winners!! Whoot!

  2. When will you be in Chicago? I really want to be there to get an autographed copy.

    1. I was in Chicago in March for my national tour. I LOVED Anderson’s Bookshop – that is a wonderful, amazing bookstore. What a treasure! They have a huge green flag/banner they hang when an author is visiting for a signing. A wonderful window display. The owner is so nice, I got to meet her at my publishing dinner. I hope to be back there again for ENDERS. The book comes out Dec 11, so my publisher may not tour me until Jan, we’ll see.

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