The John Campbell Award for New Writer


Something wonderful happened last week. In the midst of my disappointment at having to miss my east coast tour, a legendary author gave me an endorsement.

Let me back up and explain. I am eligible to be nominated for the John Campbell Award for New Writer. This is an award given out at the Hugo ceremony. I’m in my second and last year of eligibility with Starters  as well as two more e-shorts set in that world.

I am humbled by the public recommendation by Grandmaster Harlan Ellison (who has won more awards than any other living  fantasist)  that I be nominated for this award. He posted on his website and it is also on his Facebook fan page, related from one of his followers.

I urge any of you who have the Vote to suggest an excellent new writer named


 who wrote STARTERS for Random House YA last year for the upcoming bestowment of the John W. Campbell Award — Most Promising New Writer. A very good read, a sparkling choice for the JWC newcomer trophy. Go viral with this hurrah, if you like, and tell’m SFWA Grand Master Harlan Ellison sent’cha!  

And a friend just told me that David Gerrold, Hugo and Nebula winner for The Martian Child and screenwriter for Star Trek (The Trouble with Tribbles) also made a recommendation for nomination on his Facebook page:

“I’m going to go so far as to say this — if you have not yet filled out your Hugo ballot, please consider nominating Lissa for Best New Writer. And even if you’re not a voting member, please check out the first book in the series. “

The only people who can officially nominate are members of the last WorldCon, LoneStar, or the upcoming LonCon 3. Anyone can download the Campbellian Anthology, edited by M. David Blake, and receive the first chapters of Starters and the short story “Portrait of a Spore.”

If you know anyone who falls into this category of being eligible to nominate, please pass on the information. I know very few voters, so I will be very grateful for any help. Even if you don’t know any, please spread the word and feel free to copy any or all of this post. Nominations began in January and end on March 31, 2014. 

I am waiting for my pin to arrive for my ballot but here are some of the nominations I want to put forward: Best Related Work: The Science Fiction Reboot by Heather Urbanski, Best Short Form Entertainment: Game of Thrones, Rains of Castamere, George RR Martin, Dr. Who, Day of the Doctor, Time of the Doctor, Stephen Moffat, and Return of the Cybermen,  Neil Gaiman, Best Fanzine: The Drink Tank, James Bacon and Chris Garcia, Long Form Entertainment: Gravity, Hunger Games Catching Fire, Her. Mary Robinette Kowal is so prolific, she can and will be nominated in many categories. This is just the beginning of my nominations list.



    1. A great review, thank you so much for that!

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