Want an ENDERS ARC? And also help the Philippines?


Everyone wants to help and this is a way you can aid the Philippines relief effort and also get an ENDERS ARC. There are few of these as publishers turn more to e-versions. ARCs are more expensive to print than a hardback due to the small print numbers, so even the authors only get a handful. It is different from the finished book, as usually happens, so that’s of interest to some people.

I’ll sign it and you’ll also get a signed copy of STARTERS, a bookmark and other swag, and if you are local or can get yourself to Southern California, you’ll also be introduced at the ENDERS launch party on Jan 7th! (if you’re shy, we can skip that part, you can just come and party).

Because this is a completely new auction, not many people know about it. You might get a real bargain. It only goes until Nov 20 so hurry over. International okay.



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