Dean Koontz is a fan of STARTERS!

So I landed in NY to an email by none other than the great Dean Koontz, the man who wrote WATCHERS, one of my favorite novels. Even though he had been recovering and then very busy with publishing and his film, he read my book and thought it (and the cover) was fantastic. I could have fainted.  Exact quote is on the page about STARTERS. I am so grateful, I don’t think my thank you note could ever express how I really feel.



  1. That’s so awesome! Dean Koontz is my favorite adult fiction writer. What a thrill to know he’s a fan of Starters! Means all the fans have great taste!

  2. I would die! Watchers is one of my all time favorite books…

    I teach English to 10th graders and I just heard about your book on the radio, so thought I would do a little investigating. Putting together a “Spring Break Must Read” list for my awesome students and I’m going to add yours! Going to read it over spring break as well!

    1. Thank you so much. I love teachers. Met many of them on my road tour. The students have been amazing, their response to the book has been overwhelming!

  3. Dear Lisa, I would love to win a copy of your new Starters novel.
    The reason why I would like to win the Starters contest, is BOTH of my local
    bookstores seem to sell out of this title very quickly, so it has been hard to get
    my hands on one! Additionally, I know I can get it from my online retailer, but
    I try to be loyal to my local bookstore…since Borders has gone away, I’d hate to see them go too….

    1. Hi – (note, my name is Lissa – sounds like LIH-suh) 🙂

      What city do you live in? I like to check on these. Thank you for letting me know.

  4. Wow.. that is insane. I would probably faint. Dean Koontz pretty much was the author who got me back into reading as a teenager. That is so amazing. Congrats on all of the success!!

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